Android 12 supports native app clone profiles for certain apps

20 October 2021
Pixel users will finally be able to have two instances of the same app without going to third-party solutions.

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Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021one ui and zen ui are chinese apparently lolThis feature did make its debut on Chinese androids skins first, so he is right!!!

  • Anonymous

Android-Authority, 20 Oct 2021Lol yet another feature copied from chinese ui. This is wh... moreone ui and zen ui are chinese apparently lol

  • Wayne Morellini

I've been trying to get them to have different instances of the same app for years. So, I can launch the camera app setup in different configurations from different links. A link for photos. A link for macro photos, a link for video, a link fur low quality video etc. No having to spend half a minute to change setup on some apps. But, it still resets zoom level. It's not that great. They should have savable multiple configuration support in the camera app too. But, an ability to have different savable tabs session on chrome browser for different work, I have been pursuing for a long time. The issue is, some apps, like chrome want to consume too much memory per tab, without the ability to close a range of tabs into the sd card for latter use. That could reduce the amount of tab memory 10x for any serious user. Otherwise constantly the phone is running too low on memory to perform all services, or updates, on low end phones. The whole over caching thing takes up a lot of memory, and apps with the adware, user monitoring etc is often 5-10x bigger apps than without. Plus, they mix drafts messages and your message memory in certain communication apps into cache, and you can't delete the cache without loosing the current stream. The cache itself is often 10x too big, and when an app is not being actively used, it's cache should be next to nothing. So, a heap of android storage is used up.

Lol yet another feature copied from chinese ui.
This is why stock android lags behind custom Android skins like one ui, miui, zen ui, oxygen/color OS, etc.

  • Azfar

Awesome. Samsung phones have had this feature and I always wondered if it's a native android feature or just something Samsung offers. Now I have my answer. And good to know that now it is a native feature.