Redmi Note 11 series is arriving on October 28

20 October 2021
The lineup is rumored to consist of two smartphones - Note 11 and Note 11 Pro.

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  • an0n

SMIRNAS, 20 Oct 2021imo,, this will exclusive China Market only Agreed. Hope this is NOT the same for global version.

  • flok

the Flat sides looks nice

this will exclusive China Market only

  • Jsslsbsb

Wow, dimensity 810 for vanilla note 11, i think it will be stronger than snapdragon 732g on the note 10 pro

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021DIMENSITY 810 its not good right now u can find it on ... moreWhat?

It looks good but i hope it won't have problems as it gets Miui updates.

  • Anonymous


its not good
right now u can find it on REALME 8S

they just change the name of SD732 to dimensity 810

this chipset on use from REDMI K20 (9T) to now

the funny thing is: "Redmi Note 11 is as powerful as the flagship K series: Lu Weibing" (of course he means redmi k20, bcuz this device was also came with sd730)

Flat edges šŸ˜©šŸ‘Œ

Hope they don't use useless 2mp macro camera.
Also hope they done make 20 models the same size for Redmi, Xiaomi and Poco models. We need smaller pocket friendly 6 inch models.

I don't like its' flat frame. I hope it's not final.

  • Anonymous

china version only (in my opinion)

pangolinpanda, 20 Oct 2021I hope they'll have 5G by default on all models.They probably will do; the chips inside are 5G ready

  • Curious

Bluewave, 20 Oct 2021Welcome Redmi Note 11, but sadly there is no 4k video with ... moreThe fact that they are launching in China is enough to let us know these are not the global Redmi Note 11.

  • Duderino

Mind you that there is also PWM in Xiaomi their 120hz LCD displays like the X3 etc.

  • Maria

Flat edge...I am waiting for the comments LOL

I hope they'll have 5G by default on all models.

  • Anonymous

No gcam support for mediatek chips. Also no telephoto on midrange phones. I think, the redmi note pro made more sense than this one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021I spot headphone jack. Should be at least a month or two be... moreNew iPhone?? Wow... More bugs!! and hardware problem šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»

  • Shelmoy

Redmi Note 11 pro(+) or max is also coming with sd 778gšŸ˜

Looks like they've downgraded the processor from the Redmi note 10 pro from dimensity 1100 to dimensity 920 in the Note 11 pro. Hopefully, they make the upgrades in the camera department instead.