Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 specs revealed

20 October 2021
The Dimensity will likely have a higher clock on its Cortex-A710 cores.

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V9 is looking very promising. The real challenge will be thermals in the upcoming years.

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CptPower, 22 Oct 2021Well man i agree somehow but not all is bad. For 3 and ha... moreHow did you manage to use that GTX 1650 for 6.5 years?

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. We are getting close boys! Getting close to 1nm!

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What's weird, Exynos is even bigger but can't match these two. No idea what Samsung put there."

This is probably due to TSMC having a *far* denser 5nm process node compared to Samsung's process 5nm node. Per the article below TSMC's 5nm node tops at 173 million transistors per mm^2 while Samsung's 5nm node reaches only 126.5 MTr/mm^2 (i.e. barely denser than TSMC's second gen 7nm+ node) due to much more, er, "conservative" design choices (Samsung basically just switched from DDB cells in 7nm to SDB cells; the article explains what that means).

What is often not clear is that the quoted transistor densities of each process node are always the *maximum* transistor densities, not the actual transistor densities used to fab a die. For instance Intel have three different 10nm node variants with three different densities, a low, mid and high density variant (ranging I believe from ~55 million to ~100 million transistors per mm^2). The last one is the only one that has been widely reported, the other two were intended for the tech savvy press and audience.

Each Intel 10nm die has a mix of all three libraries, but each design is (obviously) *fixed* with a precise mix of the three. The desktop parts always have a higher percentage of low density cells because these need to clock higher, and vice versa for the mobile parts. Mobile phones are efficiency focused, so their SoCs have the highest percentage of the highest density variant of each process node that is possible (without hindering performance too much).

That is an additional reason their clocks top at ~3 GHz. Since the two SoCs of the article are both mobile SoCs of an almost identical design we can assume a roughly equivalent percentage of the highest density cells each process node maxes out at. Thus, if all else was being equal (including the same iGPU) Samsung's SoC would have a roughly ~27% larger die than TSMC's SoC. That must be the main reason Samsung kept the cache sizes of the X1 and the A55 cores low.

Snapdragon is lame rubbish slow and , imagine Samsung used Moongose , it even blowed Slowdragon by 15%, even clocked 15% lower clock speed.

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Wews, 22 Oct 2021But sd 888/+'s gpu is more optimized in gaming and thr... moreClocked at 900mhz , I've course it will be better, while Exynos is clocked lower.

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Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Yeah man, crappynos has more unofficial buggy dodgy support... moreThat's why dev hate snapdragon, and love exynos.

SOMAYU, 22 Oct 2021That's a fair point, I suppose. Phone hardware did get... moreHmmm maybe and maybe not.
According to GSM Arena site still the best endurance phone is P1 and P2 by Lenovo and thats are 8 years old phones with 5000 mAh abttery and endurance over 150 hours.
Not even M51 Samsung with 7000 mAh is better,
But when comes to all touch phones with touch screen. Phones even those which are not listed at GSM Arena the best endurance phone ever made is Oukitel WP15 with its 15 600 mAh batetry which can easily last 10-14 days

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This gonna be interesting , let me recap dimensity 1200 its performance is between a snapdragon 865 and 865+ its very great for now with 6nm

Mediatek 2000 will have upper hand from using 4nm tsmc but architectural design will go better in snapdragon 898 yet with samsung manufacture, this gonna be close fight considering even with 6nm plus cortex a78 the dimensity 1200 only go roughly on par with 865 with a77 and 7nm this show how good is snapdragon arch chip design

The problem : emulator android apps which is one of the highest load and need a good sustained performance is optimized more in adreno gpu instead mali and with the upcoming of amd mobile radeon gpu this will put the mali inside mediatek the lowest performance among flagship chipset in 2022

i'm afraid we will face 2 problems in the future :
Chipset fragmentation which need a great optimization and for short term a badly chip design that does not cater specific needs ,ex snapdragon 898 mostly wont have good sustained pef as 865 yet it more optimized with emulator and other soc with mali gpu give better perf yet does not optimized so you can't get any device that give you superior perf in all department

CptPower, 22 Oct 2021Well man i agree somehow but not all is bad. For 3 and ha... moreThat's a fair point, I suppose. Phone hardware did get significant upgrades over the years, but not to the extent that pc components did. I think this is mostly because, at the end of the day, phones are closed systems with weight, thermal, and power consumption limits. Even with the efficiency upgrades to the SoC's, better performance comes at the expense of battery life.

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Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021I will always go for Snapdragon. Stability is very important.Yes

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AnonD-1014095, 20 Oct 2021The G78 mp24 blows the s888 out off water, no phone manufac... moreBut sd 888/+'s gpu is more optimized in gaming and throttles less than mali gpu

SOMAYU, 21 Oct 2021On your point about displays, newer displays have much, muc... moreWell man i agree somehow but not all is bad.
For 3 and half years had my Moto X4 before had Lenovo Vibeshot for like 2 and half years now i have xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G since its release date.
First two had LCD screens.
My xiaomi have Amoled.
All 3 phones still working and for me is likely same. Even the last one went to 902 HZ and 800 nits.
When set to maximum brightness all are perfectly readable even in direct sunlight,.
I really dont see huge dufference with my own eyes.

Something else is my gaming laptop where i had Asus for 6 and half years with I7 core 8GB of ram and GTX 1650 4GB for like 6 and half years. With HDD of 1TB.
When it was brand new it took few seconds maybe 20 to run windows 8,
After 6 and half years it took 10 minutes to run windows 10 with all my apps and everything else i was using on daily basis on a basic 1TB HDD.

My new Laptip Lenovo Legion with Ryzen 7, 32GB of ram and RTX3070 8GB and 1000TB SSD disk runs windows 10 in like 5 seconds with same apps i was using in my old laptop.
Difference between HDD and SSD is really huge,

YUKI93, 21 Oct 2021Not really. Marshmallow doesn't have native Desktop Mo... moreMan said few improvements. But thats it.
The basic is likely same thing.

The one thing thats holding Mediatek back is Mali. Pool some resources and get a better GPU and suddenly Mediatek will beat Snapdragon easily.

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AnonD-1014095, 21 Oct 2021Go too xda , Exynos has more Roms than snapdragon. Xda lov... moreYeah man, crappynos has more unofficial buggy dodgy support roms than snapdragon has official LineageOS even on their website.

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Apple A-series: how cute

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Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021iPhone is not a company and no it won't. Sd 888 can ev... moreSnapdragon being left out now even Qualcomm had to threaten Google (Pixel 6) as it’s using a Tensor chip. Qualcomm is digging its own grave. I prefer Apple or Mediatek chipsets.

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AnonD-1014095, 21 Oct 2021Go too xda , Exynos has more Roms than snapdragon. Xda lov... moreGreat job kid 🤡

AnonD-1014095, 21 Oct 2021Mali G78mp24 at 1000mhz is very strong gpu which beats the ... moreOk man, ill wait for your video. Get it up by tomorrow k?

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AnonD-1014095, 21 Oct 2021Mali G78mp24 at 1000mhz is very strong gpu which beats the ... moreApples A14 I mean.