Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra breaks cover with a notched display

23 October 2021
It's rumored to pack a 120Hz OLED panel and ship with a 12,000 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

H, 17 Nov 2021:( y must got notchBecause it has two high end front cameras

Notch or hole in such a big device. OMG enough is enough...

  • H

:( y must got notch

  • AnonD-991911

Not anonymous , 08 Nov 2021"Finally, a comment about people hating notches on tab... moreHave you even seen the other comments? Alright then lol.

  • Not anonymous

AnonD-991911, 02 Nov 2021“Finally notches on tablets!” Said no one, not a soul. Ever."Finally, a comment about people hating notches on tablets" also no one

  • AnonD-991911

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021The bezel on the ultra is far smaller and can't contai... more“Finally notches on tablets!” Said no one, not a soul. Ever.

  • mixedfish

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021Samsung needs to do a better job on the software front and ... moreI doubt that will even help the situation. Have you used an iPad? People praise how good the apps are but the experience is the same, it's mostly stretched iPhone apps. And the iPad price is not cheap either.

  • Andrew

Samsung should really beef up the hardware a bit more. I use the tablet for gaming mostly and find the data sync a bit slower the the ipad

  • Not anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021What's ridiculous is that notebooks are still a thing.... moreLaptops sit on your lap better. Hence the name.

  • Anonymous

Samsung needs to do a better job on the software front and start getting more app developers on board. They've got excellent hardware. But why am I going to pay this kind of money for stretched out phone apps on a massive 14.6 inch screen? Doesn't matter how nice the screen is, or that it's AMOLED. If the software experience is subpar, buggy and unoptimized it just isn't acceptable. This is where Android tablet manufacturers are just getting it wrong. There needs to be a bigger focus on software development.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 24 Oct 2021No, this is among the worst. The bezels on this thing are s... moreLol, imagine using a hardware solution to a software solution. Tabs do palm rejection fine for years now. You don't need "bezels", only makes the devices bigger needlessly. I've be using my ipad mini holding the side of the screen for almost a decade now (released in 2013 IIRC), androids followed and by now none is lacking palm rejection on the sides.

I do agree that bezels are still too big though, and does disappoint me a bit. Notch? I don't care it's tiny and barely interferes with anything. Maybe a better placement was the corner , but -again- who cares? On a 15inch screen it won't show in your field of view in 99% of the situations.

You care strongly about things that don't matter (a tiny punch on the screen) , and don't for things that matter (huge punches going around the screen) that u call bezels, you even called them necessary despite having tech that makes them redundant. That's what I called "suspect"... Your priorities are weird.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021If true it is more expensive than my gaming notebook (the i... moreWhat's ridiculous is that notebooks are still a thing. We do not live in the 1990s grandpa. There is nothing a tablet can do that laptops won't do worse. I guess gaming, then gaming on a laptop is kind of silly , and modem tablets do have the horsepower to have modern games, merely lack support.

Everything else is better done on a tab. Content consumption of any kind. Content creation of most kinds (I run Linux or remote desktop on my Android tabs for things like development, iOS has its own set of tricks up its sleeve).

If anything only reason companies (still) produce laptops (tablets with an always on keyboard + non mobile processor) is because people are stuck in their ways and don't want to change. If Jobs was alive would have axed their MacBook series replace it with an ipad pro or another and the rest of the industry whould have followed. At this point we are going to see what is inevitable in 10-20 years (laptops end up in the garbage bin where they belong).

Nobody with a workflow around a tablet can go back to a laptop. Its like asking from someone working on a laptop go back to his desktop in '00s... It makes no sense in most workflows...

Only reason they are alive is because consumers don't want tochange unless forced, hence why people like Jobs are really missed. He was forcing people, kicking and screaming, into the future (I can still recall how much resistance there was to iphone eventually, still he forced the whole industry to create their own iphone clones and closed down the giants of that era Nokia/Ericsson/Motorola).

Oh wow 14.6 AMOLED display, it must be gorgeous to look at it

  • Anonymous

Same old specs as tab s7 series, was hoping for 8k display and air gestures.

  • cyber

notches and samsung-imposible

  • mahmut

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Most Android tabs don't have 4k display. So, fully use... moreDude ur so ignorant, there are no 4k display tablets, ur a probably absent-minded apple fan, so I can tell u this even Ipad pro has 2048 x 2732 screen the real 4k resolution is 3840 x 2160, so if u don't know what ur talking about, don't be idiot make your research learn something then wrote.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Most Android tabs don't have 4k display. So, fully use... moreWhat tablet has a 4K screen?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Retail price should be the same as production costs, those ... moreWhy would they sell them then? Use your brain.

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Most Android tabs don't have 4k display. So, fully use... more4K will be useless for such a small display tho...

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021You mean best. Bezels were huge on tablets for way to long.... moreNo, this is among the worst. The bezels on this thing are still 5.4mm wide, you halfwit. That's more than enough room for cameras. Especially Samsung's horrible tablet selfie cameras.

The other issue with this is the fact that tablets haven't gotten rid of their bezels to the degree of phones for a reason. You don't hold a tablet like you hold a phone. You can't just grab it with one hand unless you get a better grip on it. And to do that, if there's no bezels, you're going to be touching the display.

But hey, you unironically just used the word "sus" and acted like this was "practical innovation" so your argument is automatically invalid.

The only worse decisions Samsung has made over this was being hypocritical enough to add notches and holes and pathetic enough to follow Apple's overpricing.