Jio is working with Google to create Pragati OS - a custom Android for the JioPhone Next

25 October 2021
The custom software will be tailored to the needs of the Indian market. Also, the phone itself will be manufactured in two factories in India.

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  • Mr. Tan

A smart choice over chinese basic phones.

AYYLIMAO, 26 Oct 2021Its expected to be less than $50 and mainly directed at peo... moreYes. People who still give missed calls and congest the network.

  • david

somebody should improve watchOS which can run on upto 5" Feature Smart Phones
Android [any version] running on 2GB RAM is completely useless.
better to use WatchOS which can run better and have limited apps only

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021Can't these guys develop their own rom?They are extra ordinary & skillful enough, so instead of just developing a separate rom, they are working with google to create another's copy of Android

  • Sunny

anony, 26 Oct 2021more power to the puppet govt. the conglomerate will gain m... moreAbsolutely correct


Dudenoway, 25 Oct 2021Whatever. Just pricing matters. And im not a inidian so Idk... moreIts expected to be less than $50 and mainly directed at people who still use feature phones, which is a lot in India.

Lool more bolatware errrrr skin over the android.

  • anony

more power to the puppet govt. the conglomerate will gain more data to play with.

I don't like this idea. Pragati means progress but this kind of progress, we don't need.

This is just surveillance level 10 max pro. We just can't trust this. Man, I don't want to live in the future the way it appears now.

  • Bhajpachodya

Another device from a boot lick king monopolist.

  • Y

When is the phone 📱 lanch?

  • Anonymous

Yet another attempt towards total police and surveillance state by these two profit centric anti-democracy orgs (one more brazen than the other).

Reliance will gather it, the self appointed lords will ask for it, and Reliance will happily trade it for corporate perks and monopoly over the sector. If big data is the new oil then Reliance wants to frack open the world's largest unclaimed oil reserve, to compliment it's world's largest oil refinery (not a metaphor) which causes the most per capita pollution in india.

I hate the china phones just as much, if not more. But letting Reliance turn the indian telcom-IT-BigData sector into a consolidated hegemony is what will bring the dark days closer much faster.

  • Reality

It will come with heavily bloated crap apps from Jio and useless ads and notifications in drop down menus. A made in India sticker to hide the weakest processor of Snapdragon 200 series. This may not get posted but it is the reality.

  • Anonymous

People in India should support this brand instead of buying xiaomi and bbk

Should have also worked with bgmi devs for lite version for this jiophone. Really important.

  • Anonymous

Can't these guys develop their own rom?

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 25 Oct 2021No phone uses AOSP as Google intended. Google has its custo... moreAOSP is quite bare and most custom rom developers apply their own skin and features to AOSP to make it useable. There used to be pure AOSP custom roms before Google started stripping features from AOSP but not anymore.

  • Amit

Trying to solve a problem which doesn't even exist.

Whatever. Just pricing matters. And im not a inidian so Idk much about Indian Market.

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021What's so wrong with using AOSP as it is.No phone uses AOSP as Google intended. Google has its custom skin on pixels sony has too moto has a light skin on top, all phones have some sort of skin on top of them. Maybe old phones used to have it but no modern day phone has AOSP