Samsung releases One UI 4 promo videos, reveals the skin is headed to laptops

26 October 2021
Get ready for One UI Book 4.

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  • Dileep

1. 360 degree photos and virtual reality photo still missing
2. business card integration in contacts missing
3. Number of contact in a phone is missing now, before this was available
4. Integration or connectivity with Huawei and other wearables would be a dream come true and samsung can get more customers to use your products by linking 2 different brands.

  • Trooper

Here's hoping one day, that Samsung will return the 'Hide notch/punch hole' option they removed from the 'Developer Options' in the update to One UI 3.1, because Samsung believed it made people think it made Samsung phones looked 'Cheap'. But the option is so hidden away, that it would be really only accessible by those that were determined or wish to use the feature. There are some of us owners that would still gladly use this option if were still available, but sadly can't see it returning anytime soon...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021Still can't believe Galaxy A51 (midrange from 2019) wi... moreCouldn't agree more. That is why I don't look at Xiaomi or any Chinese brands anymore. Even OnePlus isn't used to be great in terms of software update as before.

  • Anonymous

So... Windows with a skin? Or Android laptops? Or a ChromeOS aberration?

  • Anonymous

The new privacy feature is somehow STRIKINGLY familiar. Wonder if they would eventually roll out App Report feature on their future update. Only time can tell.

  • Anonymous

I feel Samsungs' partnerships with tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook are really paying off. It gives them a position to unify all our favorite apps and services and create a unified experience that is unrivaled.

  • Anonymous

Still can't believe Galaxy A51 (midrange from 2019) will have the same OS version as Galaxy S22 in 2022.

Not to mention, it will get another OS upgrade in 2023 (One UI 5). Chinese OEMs must learn a lot from samsung.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021Atleast better then reducing notch 20% in half decade!!🤣Hum, what are you talking about?

  • Bolt

What is the point of this? When you have shit customer service. Takes month to repair/replace a device whereas new one gets delivered in matter of days

  • Anonymous

looks good and really functional. I never thought i would say i like a samsung UI.

  • Anonymous

One UI 4 looks awsome1

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 27 Oct 2021Yeah, reskinned Samsung apps on PC is far from groundbreaki... moreAtleast better then reducing notch 20% in half decade!!🤣

  • JoeMama

I like what Samsung is doing with its one UI. Wanted to port to IOS but lack of customisations keeps me at bay. But this is good though not as good as iOS seamless sync across its range of devices but this will make do just fine granting its freedom, customisation, fluidity and stability. Window's UI is exciting as well. A fresh feel overall from Google (Samsung) and Windows relationship 🥰

AnonF-1013367, 27 Oct 2021If you think GSMArena is mentoring apple a lot in Android a... moreWhat kind of another level?

I'm guessing that Samsung only changes the system apps icons. It's unlikely that Samsung can bring the whole One UI experience from Android to Windows considering just how different those two OS are. This could suit better for Chromebook laptops.

will the one ui 4, skin the windows or chromebook os?

AnonD-1024244, 27 Oct 2021One UI 4 kinda seems good but ice universe wasn't so h... moreYeah, reskinned Samsung apps on PC is far from groundbreaking. I feel like they're running out of ideas.

  • Anonymous

AngryLithuanian, 27 Oct 2021"Or is it just a desperate ploy to copy Apple's e... moreI mean who else have their own o.s or skin on their own laptops? Correct me if I'm wrong but if this news is true so far that's Apple, Google and soon to be Samsung.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021You need a iCloud sub for that. /s Jokes aaide, Apple ha... moreYeah, that's what people won't stop pointing out, at the end of the day, everyone copys everyone in one way or another.

What matters is who does it best.

  • Anonymous

GAMIRSFM, 27 Oct 2021Breathing air is now copying Apple 😆You need a iCloud sub for that. /s

Jokes aaide, Apple has some great products that exist and make sense because Apple did it right.

But Apple is also a company, and like most if not all companies they do copy paste stuff.

Being unique is near impossible, some would call apple unique, I would says they just now how to sell their stuff and make (some) people want it and love it.

Kinda same thing why most people prefer Google search instead of other search engines.