Microsoft revenues rise by 22% in Q3 led by Intelligent Cloud services

27 October 2021
Combined revenues for the Redmond-based corporation totalled $45.3 billion.

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I can really see the difference in Microsoft's personal cloud services these days, especially during COVID-19. Earlier it was painfully slow and files would go missing. Now it's so smooth, so fast and so easy that I'm thinking of switching to OneDrive and Outlook completely from Google Drive and Gmail. And since I have a Samsung phone and Windows laptop, that'd be seriously fun and seamless. I guess they were frustrated with Google Drive that they improved it so much...

"Thanks, Mitch! Thanks, Kevin! Thanks, Donald! Thanks, bribes! We literally couldn't have done this without you!"

crazy. not only MS is number two, its marketcap is closest ever to Apple. MS did shot through the roof through the cloud and Nadella's cloud game plan

MS is much more important of a company than Appl

Smallworld, 27 Oct 2021Microsoft's growth is pretty misleading considering th... moredid you read that operating income? $20B, they are on course to surpass even Apple, its Amazing how they could do it.

  • Smallworld

Microsoft's growth is pretty misleading considering the fact that a large part of it comes from the dozens of companies (11 this year) they relentlessly purchase every year. Of course that'd increase their revenue duh. 1+1=2

miketer, 27 Oct 2021You gotta hand it to Nadella, for handling the business wel... moreTypo - Both MS and Apple....

You gotta hand it to Nadella, for handling the business well. Not MS and Apple, are lucky to get CEOs who deliver, efficiently taking the mantle from the originators.