Watch the Google Pixel 6 Pro battle it out with the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a speed test

27 October 2021
Apple's most premium phone vs. The king of "Android as Google intended it".

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  • Anonymous

Unisoc, 31 Oct 2021I think the real joke is the people that pay so much money ... moreNo, iPhone is over priced. They probably cost over $1000.
Android is wayyy better and wayyyyyyy cheaper.
We have Snapdragon 888, 4k display, DYNAMIC AMOLED, cooling with fans, Ultra zoom, super camera, 5000 mAh +++, 144 Hz, ultra 120W charging, best selfies, best software, Oxygen OS is the best OS, One UI is pretty and smooth, MIUI has great features,
We were also provided free casing and chargers with no additional cost.
We have HuaMi Vivo Pixel 21T Ultra + Premium. BEAT THAT!

Beat that Apple Fanboys.

  • Anonymous

ASL, 29 Oct 20211099$ for the 13 pro max ? ha-ha-ha! It is 1500 EUR in Eur... morehere in Germany it starts at 1249€, still expensive of course but not 1500€.

I think the real joke is the people that pay so much money for these stupid overpriced phones.

  • Kenny

Ohh my God such a crap phone after so much publicity stunt from Google I purchased the Google 6 same day it came to UK and since that day trying to figure out how to setup the finger print scanner I tried all my fingers and thumbs of hands only foot are left so bad it is talked with Google chat for help they said do this that in end please wait for update to fix it such a big company and this work I think I have to return it never buy it guys

  • Lalari

I love how android fans cry about the loss of their champion 😂

Daany, 28 Oct 2021In retrospect... For those overcompensating, there is nothi... more"It doesn't make any sense as an excuse in this case because this very Google chip is literally a renamed Exynos chip."

Which Exynos has 2 * X1 along with A76?

1099$ for the 13 pro max ?
ha-ha-ha! It is 1500 EUR in Europe. What a joke phone.
Only the apple watch and airpods are good. And some laptops but due to closed ecosystem they are too obsolete. Very sad.

  • Alien

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021Not a fair comparison, look carefully when the android apps... moreExactly. iPhone would be slower if that time is taken into account.

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021It's obviously a killer. In price.Pixel phones are NEVER worth their price...

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021Yes. It is for now. Apple launches things earlier for othe... moreJust like the tons of features rolled on iOS 14 & 15 that were a straight copy of Android??
IOS is ten years behind Android dude.. Don't even get me started on that!!!

  • Vedant

iPhone is also to overpriced. Google is cheaper, Google deserves Pixel 6

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021It's obviously a killer. In price.not enough

  • Anonymous

i0S.- Never.- Again, 28 Oct 2021You do realize that the pixel is running two year old chip?... moreYes. It is for now.
Apple launches things earlier for others to copy.

  • Anonymous

db102000, 29 Oct 2021because literally every site is expecting it to be the gods... moreIt's obviously a killer. In price.

Mike9625, 28 Oct 2021How is this pixel 6 pro disappointing?🤔 it seems to have a ... morebecause literally every site is expecting it to be the godsend iphone killer but its not

  • AnonF-1009694

Remember benchmark mark numbers aren't everything guys, the pixel just proved that.

  • DAL

This test is misleading and designed to suit the iphone. Try some basic multi tasking or keep open apps running in the background and then lets talk. I think its obvious how "independent" these reviews actually are.

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021What tricks does Red Magic do? UI is a joke. Friend confirm... moreIt better in every aspect.
Ram, CPU, GPU, Disk space, screen refreshing, better cooling, better aesthetic, better first look, faster charging, better battery and many else for a lot less price.
Maybe the UI is bad but noone will cares you can hide everything you dont want and just keep all that you want need and use. Having pure android experience is great but thats only thing google have better over Nubia red magic and maybe camera because nubia is gaming phone not a camera one.
But anyway for a 200-300 price difference between google and redmagic 6s anyone can buy more than a decent camera NIkon D3400 for example. One of best cameras money can buy with a pricetag of 300 in certain sites and regions.

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021Oneplus is hot garbage these days and the camera is just me... moreMan cameras are lot better than before because of hasselblad partnership.
So they are definitely better.
And i would pick oneplus over google pixel if i have to.
Oneplus selling flagships for price where google is giving SD7xx

  • Anonymous

Not bad. Only few seconds slower but more user friendly and easier to use. Android forever.