Some early Pixel 6 buyers report screen issues: weird flickering, green tint, a second punch hole

28 October 2021
This is the first day of shipping for Google's new flagships.

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Second punch hole?? 😂😂😂

  • Anonymous

I hope Gsmarena review of the Pixel 6 pro is ready by monday.

adsubzero, 30 Oct 2021Comment after comment you show how your stupidity is astoun... moreDecay happens to all atoms , if responded to prior comments telling them about what a half life is

I never said OLED has to do with organs, that's a straw man on your part

I made a comparison so people can relate to which is their own bodies and the mortality of it.. as means of speakin layman's terms so that most can see where I'm coming frkm

Since when in the English language does a COMPARISON mean that what your comparing it TO is you automatically saying that they are the same

I even used Einsteins comparison of a literal cloth/fabric when he was talking about gravity

Was Einstein also saying that gravity is a piece of cloth??

Why straw man my comparison then???

I did not stoop so low to use as hominems talking about peoples intelligence like you have some class man , leave any opinions of my character out of it

Fanboy of All brands, 28 Oct 2021Hardware problems on Flagship Pixels = Pixel 1 = Outdate... moreOutdated design and ugly - those are not hardware problems.

IpsDisplay, 29 Oct 2021I'll give you the same Einstein comparison like the re... moreComment after comment you show how your stupidity is astounding. Go and learn what "organic" here means and how it has nothing to do with organs or decay of living things. It simply means that the pixels have their own (natural) source of light. I don't how you don't get tired from spreading nonsense and trolling, and out of all things to simp for, you chose IPS technology...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021Quit saying apple product is more expensive. You see it you... moreiphone retain its value and quality over the time.
While most android phones will stop receiving updates after few years, ios is working even on a 5yr old phone.
Same with ipad, the device is almost par with competitive android tablets and performs twice than them.

  • Anonymous

Throw in some words like machine learning and artificial intelligence by google and people will even buy a year old smartphone.
Almost all their products ssuck, I regret buying their products as they are mediocre at best including their voice assistant.

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 30 Oct 2021I'm pretty sure the green tint is software issue (cuz ... moreJust seen either Pixel 6 variants. The Pro display is fine but the regular display is probably second grade display.

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021Both the green tint and second punch hole are hardware issu... moreI'm pretty sure the green tint is software issue (cuz the defect in the screen is a defect in software which causes the screen to cause the defect) though the second punch hole issue is a hardware one though as it got punched 2 times.

Ayn, 28 Oct 2021And that is why iphones are the best selling flagships. Nob... morewell yeah, only because Android flagships copied the $1000 MSRP of the iPhone which is absurd. To my disappointment, Android flagship phones do sell at the price of the iPhones. Google made this problem worse since their Pixel phone that never got to the level (in quality/specs/value) of major Android makers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021You need to turn on screen before using the fingerprint sca... moreyea its pretty dumb. tired of typing pin lol

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 29 Oct 2021Listen. I know you use these terms for explanation but orga... moreBoth the green tint and second punch hole are hardware issues. You can't fix hardware defects with software...

IpsDisplay, 29 Oct 2021You miss the point Why explain in layman's by talki... moreListen. I know you use these terms for explanation but organic doesn't mean living thing. Although ips is suporior to oled. The issue on this phone isn't caused by the oled but instead by the software. And can be caused on lcd phone aswell.

AppleFan250, 29 Oct 2021At least you wouldn't have these issues with iPhone 13... moreApparently I think you don't know this isn't the only phone in the andriod market.

IpsDisplay, 29 Oct 2021So let's diagnose your reasoning skills Me saying l... moreSo, you rant to avoid admitting you're wrong? Sorry, forgot this is the internet where people say breindedd things and are too snowfl ke to admit it.

  • Anonymous

Quit saying apple product is more expensive. You see it yourself, what the cowardness has caused you Andy fans.

  • abs

How come tech giant facing this issues without quality check? Very disappointing!!

Duck of death, 28 Oct 2021Someone who doesn't understand chemistry thinks OLED i... moreSo let's diagnose your reasoning skills

Me saying living things are ALSO organic

Is your interpretation of ME saying OLED is a living thing

WOW incredible one of the beat straw mans I've ever seen in history

You've gone ahead and addressed WHAT an organic component is when my entire comment was highlighting the DECAYING NATURE of organic material

Which you cannot debunk

On top of that you went for 200000 year old organisms likely bacteria or other organisms that restart their life cycle

As an appropriate comparison to OLED decay? Seriously?

When the context is the short lived nature of it??

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021its like 100+ years my guyCO2 doesn't die, stating 100 years does not disprove my point that ORGANIC THINGS "die'

Look at your logic

"Whales dies"

Your response

Nah we can't say they really die because it takes 100 years for it to happen

And here is the biggest irony

C02 has 100+ years half life......


  • Hassan

AppleFan250, 29 Oct 2021At least you wouldn't have these issues with iPhone 13... moreBro, Now. And not only google with android phone. Many companies got android phones better than iphone. Always.