Flashback: Samsung S8500 Wave, the first phone with Super AMOLED and first with Bada OS

31 October 2021
Bada OS was a precursor to Tizen, Samsung was trying to build a viable competitor to the quickly growing Android OS.

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  • CNU

That was the best phone I bought myself ..it had very nice features..very vibrant screen display ..best one..it had a feature zoom in a videos ..one can zoom any point in video just like picture

  • Native7i

I choose this model after a long debate with myself against iPhone 4. The display was unmatched and the camera was awesome in those days.

  • Anonymous

Teddy, 31 Oct 2021Had one. Awsome phone with great screen, and built like a t... moreThere was an Android port for it over to XDA. Was running it up until 2013 or so. Great little phone. They don't make phones like that anymore, mini tablet is the only design you get.

  • Anonymous

And video recording was amazing, the best you could get at that time.

  • Anonymous

Asphalt 5 game on that phone was amazing 3D for that time...

Amoled was always going to eb worse than lcd. Like cartoon colors destroying eyes etc.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 20211. Huawei was the 2nd biggest global phone vendor ahead of ... moreI think huawei had beaten apple already in market share though not in overall term of sales overall. And that's was at thier peak time when the p30 series was released. They were still going decent at the mate 30 series (going downwards and the whole world was in shock too thta how did huawei get banned). Then the marathon downgrade began in p40 series and huawei just in the end almost died since p50 series.

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021Samsung uses something better than OLED and that's cal... moreQLED is fake OLED - cheap crap, in other words! Samsung made a big mistake with QLED! The sooner they switch to OLED TVs, the better for them!

That curbed glass was the beauty. It was made like a carved diamond. An ultimate beautiful handset. Sadly they killed bada, neither adapted android back then

The Bada OS was basically an improved edition of the firmware developed for Corby II and Star II, which were more successful for greater honesty.

  • Anonymous

Ivo., 01 Nov 2021Which is why the Samsung TVs are cheap crap, and they want ... moreSamsung uses something better than OLED and that's called QLED. It's brighter, efficient and contrasti-er than OLED. Only LG and Sony produce OLED TVs and Sony uses LG OLED panels. All three of them are good, but there is this fear of burn-in on OLED TVs.

I had this phone, the build quality and also screen were out of this world compared to anything on the market, even software had some fantastic features that no other device could provide, but Samsung was never serious with bada phones and didn't provide enough support. The only reason they maintained it for a few years was that it was a lifeline in case anything went wrong with Android, for example if Google said it's going to be a closed OS exclusive to Google devices. That didn't happen so bada was discountinued.

  • safeboot

My mom had that phones many many years ago, great phone, I miss the Asphalt game on it but she never allowed me to enable Wi-Fi :c

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2021Samsung does not use oled on own TVs. LOL ...... Which is why the Samsung TVs are cheap crap, and they want to switch to OLED, too!

  • James

This was my first phone, but software support was really terrible.

  • Anonymous

So this is what brought this evil upon us. Are there even good devices with LCD screen anymore? I will probably keep my Honor 20 Pro forever. M

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 20211. protectionism my a$$ lol go simp for the chinese governm... more1. Huawei was the 2nd biggest global phone vendor ahead of Apple before they were banned. So yes, they were outcompeting Apple.

2. Samsung didn't need to use Qualcomm SOCs. They could always use an Exynos processor together with a Qualcomm modem like Apple does with their A series chips. In that case, Samsung wouldn't need to incur the expense of developing 2 identical phones with different chipsets. They were forced to do so in order to sell phones in the US market.

  • Srdjan

Excellent phone with very bad software!!!

It was a nice phone with top notch build quality used it for almost 7 years that too with the original battery. It was mostly a feature phone and Bada OS felt limiting at times but I still have good memories of this phone.

  • posthc

my first smartphone i love it but Bada was limited
after that i switch for the Galaxy S2 and still with S generation (Now i got a S20)
love it