Redmi Smart Band Pro announced with 1.47" OLED display, Watch 2 Lite tags along

30 October 2021
Both support more than 110 sports modes.

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  • 14 Jul 2022

why this watch not listed under xiaomi brand devices?

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    • var01
    • XHZ
    • 01 Nov 2021

    I just wish a company could make one with all the features we are use to, GPS HR,, but also add the blood pressure check, like Samsung galaxy watch 4,
    but not Samsung, or if it is them they could make all features available without a Samsung phone, even tho I like Samsung, that limitation is wack,
    ok so also add a BMI check that would be amazing,
    bigger screen, more faces, especially health ones,
    if they could add a feature where a camera on your watch or phone could scan a food product, an some way auto log your calories, fat, sugar, keto for people on that, all that,
    an auto track it each month, gives totals, all that,
    it could be amazing,

    cause if you have a food box or something an it has nutrition facts an a label that can be scanned, an it's a certain serving it could count that an add it up,
    also if it is something that can't be scanned, add a way to manually add all that up,
    2 day battery life, a temperature check, now a days that would come in handy,
    way more accessories, like cool unique bands,

    maybe make one that has a fold out screen to make it bigger an show other stats,
    for the most part, I think something like that would be the perfect smartwatch

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      • xZI
      • 31 Oct 2021

      Anonymous, 31 Oct 2021Samsung made their phones with thin bezel before Apple did,... moreWatch, not phone

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        • YTy
        • 31 Oct 2021

        Anonymous, 31 Oct 2021The mega-bezels are a huge turn off and waste of valuable s... moreSamsung made their phones with thin bezel before Apple did, so iPhone was a poor offering then? Get over yourself, this is a lower price product, there are some compromises which some people won't mind cos it doesn't matter, just like people who buy the iPhone then with larger bezels didn't mind cos it didn't matter to them.

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          • 8vZ
          • 31 Oct 2021

          Next watch is gonna be the band pro

            What's with all these salty comments? Why do you people care so much? It's just a fitness band.

              Spanky, 30 Oct 2021The Pro Smart Band looks really nice! I hope it won’t be mo... moreBigger screen = more expensive

                GVS, 30 Oct 2021Honor/Huawei band 6 rip off. They know that their fake 1.56... moreActually you pay a bit less and get the same qulity and features with Xiaomi.

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                  • X0i
                  • 31 Oct 2021

                  The mega-bezels are a huge turn off and waste of valuable screen real estate. Apple led the way recently significantly reducing the bezels resulting in a huge jump in screen size while maintaining the same physical watch size. Others to follow? Definitely NOT with this poor offering.

                    so sad. We are living in 2021! 200mAh charge took 2 hours. Wtf? İt should use type-C instead of magnetic charge. They have to solve type-C waterproof problem. WTF is Bluetooth 5.0? it should be 5.2!

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                      • J7S
                      • 30 Oct 2021

                      I can't see How would any company can beat the damn excellent Huawei watch fit. I guess the only way is to come up with something new otherwise forget.

                        The Pro Smart Band looks really nice! I hope it won’t be more expensive than the Mi Smart Band 6. It shouldn’t, judging by the features, it just has a bigger screen.

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                          • 3pV
                          • 30 Oct 2021

                          lol, these Chinese companies put chin even in watches

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                            • GVS
                            • D0Y
                            • 30 Oct 2021

                            Honor/Huawei band 6 rip off. They know that their fake 1.56 inch screen size of mi band 6 is a failure

                              Xiaomi:I want to be Huawei plz

                                Will you guys cover the AGM glory series???