Royole FlexPai 3 appears in official-looking images

01 November 2021
Hopefully, this model manages to escape Chinese exclusivity.

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CptPower, 04 Nov 2021Sure thing. By the way i wonder why many brands missing f... moreGSMArena being GSMArena...
I mean, it isn't a coincidence that this is almost the only website I am commenting on to fight lies, misconceptions, myths, defend good techs and call out bad things...

And I don't know, considering how much bigger brands can't give reliable quality and despite their budgets still lack on support, I don't really consider those less known brands...
Maybe it is a mistake on my behalf, but I don't feel like those phones would be that great and that the first thing you must do would be to install a custom ROM on it...

  • Anonymous

Never heard of this, so I judged this is a new Realme phone by its eerily squared camera cutout. The back cover isn't very different either. But 3300mAh battery is really, really smaller for a dual screen smartphone. The screens are going to consume double the battery capacity than other single screen devices.

Great thought process, but whatever this company is headed to, it needs to redesign the back and make serious improvements.

Competing against Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Realme, Redmi, and many more won't be easy. So either features and product designing should be at its best, or aggressive pricing to keep the costs real low; these are two of the best ways to slash the market.

Also, if you wanna strike the market with a blasting product, make sure it doesn't blast inside pockets.

Demongornot, 03 Nov 2021I agree, the issue is that, I think they don't care wi... moreSure thing.
By the way i wonder why many brands missing from this site.
Oukitel is one of them.
Its a first brand who in entered guiness world records with a phone with alrgest battery inside.
And they making tons of good devices worth to buy.

CptPower, 03 Nov 2021Well man i did not expect royale flexpay gets same or even ... moreI agree, the issue is that, I think they don't care with this phone, the FlexPai 2 definitely proved they can already do better.

Demongornot, 02 Nov 2021Putting a big battery capacity is hard. Royole isn't ... moreWell man i did not expect royale flexpay gets same or even better battery than OUKITEL WP15 but they could and should try to do more.

CptPower, 02 Nov 2021So its big as a tablet but have a lot smaller battery even ... morePutting a big battery capacity is hard.
Royole isn't that big or experimented of a brand compared to the main actors of the market.

You not only need to have a good battery tech, but you also require having a lot of complex internal layout designing, even the cooling is a huge part of the battery capacity, not just the battery cooling, but the components as well, as the less free space you have, the more heat is an issue.

And Royole may have experience on flexible displays, but not on smartphones.
Add to that the huge hinge and a 7mm thin phone, and the result isn't surprising.
The thickness dictate much more the battery capacity than the device width and height and the Redmi 9A is 9mm thick.
Take for example the old Galaxy Tab A 8.0 LTE, it is 208.4 mm x 137.9 mm x 7.5 mm and have a 4200mAh battery capacity vs the Royole being 147.1 x 138.8 x 7 mm and its infamous 3360mAh.
If you consider the hinge, the brand experience difference and the size difference, the result is in fact not bad for Royole, though it could of course be much better as even the Flexpai 2 has more capacity.
But if you were to compare it to the Galaxy Folds, it indeed has a tiny battery as Samsung have two batteries on their Folds which both are optimized to take the maximum amount of space possible compared to this phone which have a really large hinge and the Flexpai1 having only a single battery :
But the Flexpai 2 was 7.8" and the Flexpai 3 is announced at 7.2" which is barely more than most modern smartphones.
But the truth is, there are really few recent smartphones at or under 7mm of thickness, the most incredible example being the foldable Huawei Mate Xs with 5.4mm unfolded and 4500mAh capacity and the bar format Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite with 6.8mm thick for 4250mAh and the 7mm Xiaomi Civi with its 4500mAh.
Take for comparison the Carbon 1 MK II with his 6.3mm and its tiny 3000mAh battery, it is a big example of how a brand with less experience can have much less efficiency when it comes to internal layout.

Sadly haters will like to say that "the pop up take space" or that "foldable hinge take space" despite the Poco F2 Pro and Mate Xs respectively clearly disprove this.

But remember that Royole is a flexible display manufacturer in the first place, this makes senses that this phone is actually a technology demonstrator rather than anything really planned for use.
The Flexpai 2 had a much smaller hinge design, it makes no senses to go backward.
Probably like the infamous 3Cm thick Energizer phone that never went into sell and was never meant to and had for only goal to show a big battery capacity number over any real life usage practicality just to beat records (which make sense for a battery manufacturer), this may only be a flexible display demonstrator in the same way even if it will be sold, a little like how the original Flexpai was only made so they could claim to be the first to have a flexible phone, it is the exact same with ZTE and their underdisplay camera despite much better brands working on the tech since much sooner.
I mean, after all, the Soviets build the Tu-144 horror just to claim to be the first to have a supersonic passenger transport aircraft.

The fact they use a pop up, which is popular on demonstration device (remember the Energizer) give more "proofs" about that, as they want the display to be the star of the show and clearly don't want to put any distractions like a hole in it.
Funnily enough, this reminds me of the cancelled Energizer Power Max P8100S who was a foldable but, since it is Energizer, had a massive 10Ah battery.
In fact, if you look at all GSMArena's listed phones from Energizer, you'll notice that everything have anything more than a boring design for its time period get cancelled, which is for sure because they can make few demonstrators and want eye-catching designs but know they can't mass product it, and except for the both curved edge display Energizer Power Max P600S and Energizer Hardcase H550S (although this second one has a much less advanced design), you can easily tell just by the phone appearance which one they released, as they were never meant for users in the first place, Royole is doing something similar.
I won't be surprised if we learn that this display have something special, any new tech, or a brand new flexing resistance or minimum angle capacity or something like that.
I mean, the Flexpai 2 had quad camera with no 2Mp useless sensors, it doesn't make sense for a final product here to have less.
So either they totally forgot how to make phones, or the phone itself isn't what matter and they don't try to make profits out of it.

  • Berri

I got the flexpai2. I love the design and feel its way better than others (samsung, huawei). Outside fold is much better because it doesn't require a thicker back panel. A nice leather like cover takes care of the outside scratch criticism. It unfolds to a perfect 4:3 ratio. While folded it is a perfect 16:10 ratio. I love everything about it except I have to figure out how to install google mobile services.

So its big as a tablet but have a lot smaller battery even smaller than redmi 9a for example.

Yall actually gonna try to get this one and review it? First two barely got any mention here

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021Flip phones are indeed the future. At least currently there... moreWait. Lemme dig out my OG Razr. I'll be cool again!

  • Anonymous

The Flip, 01 Nov 2021The future is unfolding as Samsung says in their ads. The o... moreFlip phones are indeed the future. At least currently there seems to be a scope for them

The future is unfolding as Samsung says in their ads. The only form factor I like is clamshell. The most protective form factor and the most portable foldable.

I'd read Google reviews of the Razr 5G and one person used a RAZR V3 or 8 years (2004-2012). That's my plan with my current flip phones. Use a minimum for 5 years. I don't care if my Razr and Flip don't have the best battery life and cameras. The V3 was far from perfect either and people used them for many years.

Some people don't see it yet. They think the Fold style is the best. But the Flip will win it out. People will return to flip phones in a few years once Apple releases one and more people are fed up with their boring slab Pixel 6, iPhone 13 mini, or whatever.

I'd trust Samsung more than Motorola though. If you break the front of the Razr 5G, it costs $1000 to repair. If you break a FlexPai, you are screwed. Who buys Royole?

  • Samie

Who will buy this and why?

If it costs under 1000€ I think it will be a solid option

  • Jbis

Did the first one ever release?

  • Lucky

Is it just me that thought this company would be doom ever since the Royale flex 1?
Appreciate the "effort" though :D

  • bruh

Looks kinda ugly to be honest. The back looks like cheap glossy plastic and the hinge looks nowhere near to aesthetic.

  • dr. musa

Another failure incoming.

  • Command

SA466, 01 Nov 2021Wow the battery life on this will be awfulTerrible idea

Nice to see the pop up camera back. Battery life is gonna be bad.