Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ to bring few design changes

01 November 2021
Traffic-light triple-camera solution on the back, a flat panel on the front.

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Someone here with brains. Quad HD is definitely overkill on a smaller phone. Anyone remember Unbox Therapy saying the S22 screen looked as good if not better than the Ulra? I have an S21 and the screen is excellent as is battery life. I'll take better battery life over Quad HD any day. Quad HD, 5G and 120Hz are a huge drain on batteries and for those of us that don't sit on our ass all day long by an outlet these features are less important.

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    • 19 Nov 2021

    Dk, 06 Nov 2021What should they use if not ponch hole? The under display ... moreI'd rather under display with no cutout, I'm not taking selfies

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      • Nvx
      • 09 Nov 2021

      Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021SD 898 = USA, Canada, China and South KoreaWhy did they have Flip3 on Snapdragon 888 for international market?

        Great news we need more smaller lighter pocket friendly fones

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          • r6p
          • 06 Nov 2021

          Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Still using that punch hole are we?.. pass.. What should they use if not ponch hole?
          The under display camera not yet upgraded to expectations. At least we better stay with ponches than poor under display image quality

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            • 05 Nov 2021

            Varun , 04 Nov 2021No Exynos chipsets for India please. We want Snapdragon pro... moreWatch how Exynos will destroy SD next year

              they look impossibly Bessel less... like those click-bait fake designs on youtube!

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                • 04 Nov 2021

                Still using that punch hole are we?.. pass..

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                  • 04 Nov 2021

                  No Exynos chipsets for India please. We want Snapdragon processors on high end galaxy phones.

                    We'll see soon enough how hot the new SD gets. Throttle on in the hot kitchen, baby.

                      wajid, 03 Nov 2021waiting for ultra.Ultra is the only one worth buying. All the other phones in their line up has been downgraded for years. You are essentially paying a premium price for a low-tier/low-range phone.

                      For me it depends solely on the chipset. I'll wait for the Exynos reviews and see if it's better which I strongly doubt it will be. If it's garbage as usual I'll import the Dragon-version and be happy about it.

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                        • 03 Nov 2021

                        so will you be able to change the color and shape of the app icons?

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                          • 03 Nov 2021

                          waiting for ultra.

                            This render looks like S21 FE to me. If it's true, it will be dissapointing..

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                              • 03 Nov 2021

                              AM Bunny, 02 Nov 2021Note? No Note, no Samsung.They're collapsing the Note into the SxxPlus line. They're to start coming with pens

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                                • 02 Nov 2021

                                I like that they've made the vanilla & plus abit smaller now.

                                However I preferred the Aluminium Camera island of the S21 phones...

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                                  • 02 Nov 2021

                                  Note? No Note, no Samsung.

                                    woozy, 02 Nov 2021the only time where they really f'd up with exynos was... moreI heard about the RDNA core from other users too. I'm still sceptical on whether or not it will actually make a difference - I hope it does because then I won't have to import the SD-version from the US which makes it cheaper for me.

                                    My biggest concern is the sustained performance which has always been terrible on Exynos.

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                                      • 02 Nov 2021

                                      Almidani, 02 Nov 2021I agree completely. They should have been banned a long tim... morethe only time where they really f'd up with exynos was with the 990 chipset for the s20/note20 series. that one was significantly inferiror and only managed to minimize the gap after 8 months but it was still noticeable. on the s21 series business as usual, exynos has inferior cpu and battery life while snapdragon has significantly worse gpu. I am actually looking forward to the exynos on s22 series as it's supposed to feature RDNA2 gpu

                                        like cmon Samsung just put a glass back on the vanilla s22. Plz no plastic back!!!