Leaked promo video showcases a familiar, but new Oppo Reno6 Lite

06 November 2021
It is basically a re-branded Oppo F19 meant for the EU market.

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  • archie
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  • 18 Nov 2021

AMOLED display, 33W fast charging with 5000mAh battery and 6GB RAM. If it'll come with NFC on top, for £150 or less, I wouldn't think twice to get it. My Find X2 Lite for £170 is amazing piece of hardware and I can't think of any other brand that offers so much for so little. Honestly, Xiaomi is a bloatware king with every sort of ads no matter what you do and often they're phones don't perform as well as expected; realme offers much better OS but don't give you as much for the money; OnePlus is similar but they even run Oppo's ColorOS now - so no reason to pay extra; and I won't even mention Samsung since the same quality is the priciest of the lot. And I mean it, unless we're talking about their flagship - still overpriced but of great quality.
Anyway, find what suits you and go for Oppo, they've taken over from Huawei nicely and offer very good quality.

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    • SD
    • XPI
    • 08 Nov 2021

    look like f19s lol

      Oppo probably hire 3 product managers for every single product they release. Each in charge of a different name, and they all are overpaid!

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        • Jaya
        • tA$
        • 07 Nov 2021

        That phone is called Oppo A95 in Indonesia...

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          • Anonymous
          • d%$
          • 06 Nov 2021

          I use Oppo A74 since last August and am totally happy. Fluid phone with nice design. good interface. As previous flagship Samsung and Lg flagship user i am totally satisfied even it is a budget model phone.

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            • K5R
            • 06 Nov 2021

            SD 662?

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              • Nikojas
              • mE0
              • 06 Nov 2021

              This is why I won't buy oppo again. Great phone, but so many versions and launches means resale or trade in value is truly terrible.