Google says Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner is slow due to increased security

08 November 2021
Google's enhanced security algorithms are what's causing slowdowns.

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The truth is that the cheaped out on the fingerprint scanner using inferior and slower tech. It's not in any way more secure than the competition. Google are notoriously bad at hardware. They are masters at software but know nothing about hardware.

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    • Anonymous
    • y6V
    • 08 Nov 2021

    lots of problems with newly released google phones
    its a bit subpar to other phones in terms of reliability if i'm gonna be honest

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      • Anonymous
      • 3qG
      • 08 Nov 2021

      😂😂 reminds me on Apple antennagate

        Lol are we supposed to believe this??
        What else??

        Why is the Tensor chip throttling in heavy games?? Is that a security measure too?

          a good sample of a weak/cheap excuse!!!!

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            • Tamrok
            • XRV
            • 08 Nov 2021

            I am fat and run slow because of wind resistance...

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              • An0n
              • tDQ
              • 08 Nov 2021

              Excuses, excuses, excuses. Are they basically saying all other competitors in display fingerprint not secure if it's faster now? Google is basically botched by selling pixel. It has underpowered soc, saying users doesn't need to have the best soc by paying premium price, not so special camera by saying it's good enough for a flagship - hello, even Huawei p40 older than that did better, way better. I don't know anymore what Google trying to achieve by selling this kind of phone.

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                • DMX
                • Pcx
                • 08 Nov 2021

                seriously google? jajajaaj