Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G marketing materials leak revealing specs and design

12 November 2021
This phone just can't stop leaking.

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  • Anonymous




Another downer from Samsung 😂

  • khellandros66

Get the S20FE while you can this is gonna tank, just get A52s 5G for $75-100 less

This probably holds the position for the most useless irrelevant phone of 2021/22 after coming with such hype...also the design is ugly with horrible dull colours for a phone

  • T-Dizzle

There are several things about this phone that make me question the "FE" moniker. The most glaring would be the 15 watt charging. My old A90 5G has 25 watt "Super Fast" charging. The price better be great.

  • Anonymous

The most pointless cr@p I have ever seen

The colours are yuk

  • Vick

The 15 watt charging just killed the chances of this ever taking off. Better to wait for the S22 and buy the S21 at a discounted price.

15watt?? even Apple use 20watt now

  • Anonymous

Not so different fromA52s or A53...that phone is coming too late.
Make it better and call it S22FE

  • Shiny Dave

chris1998, 13 Nov 2021If u remove the SD888 or the exynos. This phone is essentia... moreConsidering I'm currently torn between the A52s and S20 FE 5G, I'd definitely pay a £140 premium for an 888-powered S21 FE...

The s20 fe was such a hit that samsung got scared it would eclipse their flagships so this is a minimal effort product designed to kill their own monster. Congrats samsung but i still won't buy the s21 lol

No telephoto? fail uau...that was one of the things that could differentiate this from the midranges...

  • Anonymous

Legend has it that Samsung has been leaking this phone since last century and still continues to

The camera setup same as a52s
The ram/ ROM configuration same as a52s
Camera setup same as a52s
Battery capacity same as a52s
Supported charging worse than the a52s
3 years OS update and 4 years security updates same as the A52s
No micro SD clot different to the a52s
Processor different to a52s

Correct me if I'm wrong but given the a52s is a mid ranger it seems that Samsung have wasted their time, money, effort and resource material to make a phone that's a rebrand phone.. oh boy . Samsung going down the route of redmi

  • Kev

Wow, the price must be seriously competitive for this to succeed. I can already sense it being squashed between the S21 and competing phones like the Nord 2, 11T, etc.

If u remove the SD888 or the exynos. This phone is essentially the a52s . Honestly Sammy, what even is the point of this phone. The a52s recommend retail price is £410 . Can honestly see the S21 fe selling for an extra £140.

  • Anonymous

Phone over $600 with 2MP depth sensor.

Well this is horrifically disappointing. I get why they're doing this though, since why would they undermine their S22 series? Just a shame that a good brand idea has just become a worse A52 with a flagship processor. Literally it's only shining quality. Not worth it, especially if it's more than €550.