OnePlus Nord N20 5G stars in a series of renders, key specs revealed

15 November 2021
A brand new design and an AMOLED screen are on the menu.

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rear camera design looks like reno 7 lite.

  • lojas

i hope there's compak size options, nice design

  • Anonymous

In my opinion Nord 2 looks better and unique from all the series of 1+.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2021I will never buy a phone that copies Apple. I prefer Androi... moreI think this design is more of OnePlus X back in the days of OnePlus beginning, not every squared off-design is belong to apple

  • HB

blackcrazy, 17 Nov 2021why every Oneplus phone has a heat issue ??? what is your w... moreMy Nord N10 has no heating issue

  • Anonymous

I will never buy a phone that copies Apple. I prefer Android because it can be different, not the same. Another Chinese brand copying the fruit. Yawn.

why every Oneplus phone has a heat issue ??? what is your worthy opinion ???

  • NEO

Iphone 13 is a beautiful phone, apart from its camera island. Kindly copy its design and make OP great again.

  • A human

It's just a rumor(I suppose), but One plus 10 and Nord 10 looks like a rip off samsung s22 and fold 2 "camera design...OnePlus's Oxygen OS became like color OS and it blasts, it had hassleblade camera thingy but it's camera still not that gud in consistency..!😨

Wow! I like these designs as well. It looks like OnePlus took a page out of Apple's visual book. I just wished they designed some phones with a centered hole punch selfie camera

  • Ram

I think this phone is going to be better than One plus nord 2

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 16 Nov 2021....why would you drop the Ultrawide? Even a 12MP from Omni... more95% sure 10 iv uses SD695.

If any other thing gets changed, no clue.

  • Anonymous

Some rumor says dual imx766

  • Anonymous

Oneplus x also had flat sides and 2.5 curve glass

....why would you drop the Ultrawide? Even a 12MP from Omnivision would have sufficed.

Geez, here's hoping Google and Sony's upcoming midrangers embarrass this thing so OnePlus realizes that they can't sleep on specs; even for midrangers/budget devices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021Apple did curved when others followed and now again.So basically you say that when apple made curved then all other phones had flat sides or something ? And when apple moved to flat side then apple copy others for the flat sides?

  • Anonymous

Does it explode?
It's a beauty, anyway.

  • Anonymous

Anonymossy, 16 Nov 2021It hasn't even been a day and we already have another ... moreNot only flat side. Also the camera rings on the back are totally iphone clone. Apple was first to make these rings on the camera and others started to copy them. Basically 12 mini have the camera island and then the rings the same way like this n20

  • Vic

Chin on the bottom spoils design and indicates that device belongs to a budget segment. Also, I wish they make a compact device, rather than the same sized one one year after another...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021I don't think 'invention' should be used in ... morein reality apple too iphone 4 design from sony.. :)