Google reportedly cancels orders with suppliers for Pixel Fold

15 November 2021
The news comes from sources in the supply chain who say Google's Pixel foldable isn't happening any time soon.

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  • Travis999

Bleh, how many would they have sold.?
They always build to a tight budget, a pricey foldable would have premium display,and camera, with GO level spec for everything else.
Google already bored with pixel, doesn't make them money, probably only done cos they had to do something with the crews they basically stole from HTC a few years ago..
If it was possible, Google would simply buy Samsung mobile division to make themselves no 1 phone seller/controller in Western world, Google like being no 1 at stuff, if not a making profit, they shut down or stop whatever "it" is, services or hardware, imagine the control google would have then ?

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021Making phone with 100% chinese components. This way, bill... moreMany of the cheaper components are made in China. Putting all the expensive ones would be a recipe for disaster. That's why Huawei was using Sony Imaging Sensors apart from many other expensive components.

The Folding Phones are right now a new concept, and that's why the components are so expensive. Samsung is still producing some of the most affordable foldable phones. Maybe when overall component prices come down, Google would revive this project.

Excellent news!

  • Anonymous

Smart decision from Google. With starting price of USD1500, people prefer to buy foldable phones from Samsung, especially people in Asia, Middle east and europe, where you can find many Samsung experience store and service center.

Who wants to buy phone USD1500 without great after sales service? Maybe only Apple has the possibility to create almost same quality Foldable as samsung's Z Fold, but the time Apple creates one, samsung already has more than 4 years experiences.

  • Anonymous

TruthBeTold, 16 Nov 2021Do you even understand economies of scale? If a giant manu... moreMaking phone with 100% chinese components.
This way, bill of materials will be 50% cheaper at least.

  • Anonymous

L.O.R.D, 16 Nov 2021Perhaps TCL and Google tried but in the end concluded that ... moreWhat's the best about the Samsung Galaxy Fold is it's the most marketed, most advertized, and most pushed by carriers.

The Flip, 16 Nov 2021Samsung has got the foldable market all to themselves. Huaw... moreDo you even understand economies of scale? If a giant manufacturer like Samsung can't make them cheap so how will a tiny player like Pixel make them cheaper??

Fs in chat peepal

  • Anonymous

Would not be surprised if screen broke after being fold 5 times.

Nobody is surprised nor upset. Google can't even make a basic phone without it having major issues, so something as complex as a foldable is way out of their league and couldn't be trusted.

  • Anonymous

Google will ne next HTC

Perhaps TCL and Google tried but in the end concluded that it would be rather tough to compete with the Galaxy Fold, which in third generation is already the best foldable currently so it is not worth all that effort

Samsung has got the foldable market all to themselves. Huawei and Xiaomi foldables are way too expensive just like the Fold series. The Flip 3 and 4 will likely be the best sellers for foldables next year. People don't want to spend beyond a grand for these. Still unproven tech in durability.

  • Anonymous

Not surprising, because it would be very hard to beat the Fold 3 which already is the best out there by far, so perhaps they just decided to cancel it altogether

I can only imagine the plethora of hardware issues on a pixel fold.