WhatsApp testing playback control for audio messages

23 November 2021
Bringing the functionality from voice notes to audio messages.

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Work on android ios transfers first ugh

  • Anonymous

Chixby, 23 Nov 2021Just instal telegram and suddenly you have all new WhatsApp... moreToo bad none of my contacts are using telegram and it sucks :(

They are there but not active

  • fren

what whatsapp should work on is its animated stickers needs plenty of work as the moment it's pale in comparison with line version

  • Saeed

I have unofficial of version of whatsApp called GBwhatsApp
That have many features
I bet official whatsApp even don't think about those
Same ram usages almost but official version is useless

  • Anonymous

WhatsApp should make its app compatible with smartwatches. It can't be that we can't play voice messages from smartwatches. In 2021...........

  • Chixby

Just instal telegram and suddenly you have all new WhatsApp features for the next 20 yrs!