Poco X4 and Poco X4 NFC are coming soon, expect a Redmi Note 11 Pro rebrand

24 November 2021
The X4 is supposedly headed to India sans NFC, while the NFC model will be launched globally.

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They should maintain the look of poco X3/NFC/PRO because its the staple of their brand...

  • julius

I just got the Poco X3 OPro, 8gb/256gb for 200$ open box. Have to say for that money it's a good deal, just wish the cameras were better. everything else it's fine. But if the Poco X4 will come with Mediatek SOC and not Qualcomm, this X3 Pro is going to be my first and last Poco.

Dk, 02 Dec 2021Why should they rebrand it? Why note make new design and di... moreWell the Poco X3 GT actually looks like the Redmi Note 10 Series. It might also be applied to the Poco X4 NFC, but it is now the Redmi Note 11 Series.

  • Dk

Why should they rebrand it? Why note make new design and different specs than repeating the same.. Note 11 pro is complete its self, I guess it will stil look fine than X4

  • Mika

Hope they'll post the price too but to be honest what i like the most on redmi note 11 pro is the design i feel a little bit sad hopefully they'll release that within this year πŸ˜†

  • Iu

TheAurelite, 26 Nov 2021I am excited, especially the Redmi Note 11 Pro rebrand.Iuhho

I am excited, especially the Redmi Note 11 Pro rebrand.

  • Anonymous

Price please

  • Jason

The Xiaomi lineup is very very confusing. Still very good.

  • Anonymous

Makimaki, 25 Nov 2021I do not agree. SN778 is better than D920 and SN778 is als... moreNah, it's definitely good enough. Expecting the highest upper Midrange Chipset of Snapdragon on an X4 NFC with a pretty good camera combo and not even on an X4 Pro or X4 GT is just way too much.

  • Anonymous

Best phone under 200$ is back

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Poco x3pro

Bluewave, 25 Nov 2021Absolutely, and Dimensity 920 is more than enough in X4 NFC... moreI do not agree. SN778 is better than D920 and SN778 is also mid range.

Pros of Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G

Developers optimize games for Snapdragon processors more often than for Dimensity
Supports 16% higher memory bandwidth (25.6 against 22.07 GB/s)
Shows better (up to 6%) AnTuTu 9 score – 523K vs 496K
Better instruction set architecture

Pros of MediaTek Dimensity 920
Higher GPU frequency (~94%)

Taken from nanoreview.net

X3 Pro is horse and powerful device, but X4/NFC could be fail due to dimensity 920. Many ppl bought X3 PRO, because was cheap and had SN860 inside, which is absolutely stunning for less than 300 EUR smartphone.

Im already a bit reluctant to gamble on Dimensity 1200, so going for 920 would be no go. And camera seems same sensor which is common wit these devices atm ISOCELL HM2 1/1.52".

Like there is no other. 11T Pro had not so good camera, for what was intended for, same will be probably for new X4.

Bluewave, 25 Nov 2021Don't be sad guy, nowadays, Mtk Dimensity are powerful... moreAbsolutely, and Dimensity 920 is more than enough in X4 NFC added amoled display full success πŸ‘πŸ‘what asking more for this best mid range Poco X4 NFC Global.

Hope Poco launch X4 NFC with same excellent rear desigh of X3 NFC and it's midlle circle of camera blocks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™

AnonymousCRL, 25 Nov 2021Sad to see they going for MTK for X4 series. My X2 is runni... moreDon't be sad guy, nowadays, Mtk Dimensity are powerful and energy saver for smartphones and they are welcome, like 920, 1100, 1200, 2000 great Dimensity chipset. πŸ‘

  • RobertYas

At least make the POCO logo smaller big logos ruins the premium lookingphone

Poco x series can have great success if they continue with old strategy. Give us older but flagship soc, like sd 860, and it will still work better than every midrange. Sd 865 would be great choice.