Oppo Reno7, Reno7 Pro and Reno7 SE go official

25 November 2021
The Reno7 Pro 5G has a breathing notification light around the camera island.

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Three months later they will launch reno 8 series,wait for them lol

Lol. Mi 11 cost ls 30€(200 yuan) more for the same amount of storage and ram and it has better main camera, better soc and better display

The pro model looks good but still a little on the pricey side as usual for the Reno series. Some of Oppo's other phones like the Oppo Oneplus 9rt probably offer better value

  • Anonymous

Reno 7 SE (8/256GB) = $375
Reno 7 (8/256GB) = $470
Reno 7 Pro (8/256GB) = $580

  • Anonymous

I bet in few weeks they announce Pro+ with SD865++ a.k.a 870.

  • bruh

the 7 and 7 se seem to be the best value, especially the se. but the only concering is that the se doesnt have ultra-wide cam which can be see as quite of a lacking in the price point.