ZTE announces Voyage 20 Pro 5G and Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition

25 November 2021
The Voyage 20 Pro will be available next month in China while the Aerospace Edition Axon 30 Ultra goes on sale tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous
  • gVI
  • 12 Nov 2022

Rje83, 27 Nov 2021Have the ZTE ultra 30 awaiting return. 64mp cameras are ... moreMe too crappy phone no LTE in CA missing the 900 Band WTF

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    • Rje83
    • mqw
    • 27 Nov 2021

    Have the ZTE ultra 30 awaiting return.

    64mp cameras are no good, image quality is terrible Vs the 2 year old iPhone 11 pro max

    Unable to have caller ID on incoming calls if using WiFi calling or calls over LTE.

    Fundamental requirements of a phone are not met. Will never use ZTE again

      18gb ram for what? When they can't provide long term software update.. I will eat 18gb ram nah

        Will it go global?

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          • Adarsh G O
          • DkQ
          • 25 Nov 2021

          Great phone💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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            • Anonymous
            • M4v
            • 25 Nov 2021

            345$ for

            a phone equipped with MediaTek __Dimensity 720__

            such price need @ least
            Dimrnsity 1100

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              • iA4
              • 25 Nov 2021

              If only their software support was better :/
              Hardware-wise, ZTE makes absolutely fantastic phones, but dear god, their software support is utter garbage. A lot of their phones don't see a single major Android update, and for those who do, it's usually just one, with super late security patches.
              This is unacceptable in an age where Samsung, BBK, and even Xiaomi are promising three major Android updates!

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                • AngryLithuanian
                • C9n
                • 25 Nov 2021

                A phone like Axon 30 Ultra with Arm processor and OS you can pick (Win, Linux, Mac etc.) and all those crazy specs. Add wireless connectivity, to tap a desktop monitor on it's stand for example, and it's a portable work pc in your pocket that can make calls. No need to have multiple $1000+ devices to do work, productivity and pretty much anything else.

                I know I know but idea starts from a dream right lol

                  If the OEMs are giving such amounts of RAM for their so called 'future-proofing', they should then have long term software + hardware support for all of them.