Samsung may have killed the Galaxy Note lineup permanently

25 November 2021
The Galaxy Note series are excluded from Samsung's 2022 product portfolio.

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  • Jimbob

may have... okaaay

  • Anonymous

Should've just kept the Note series to geek segment and limited the mainstream consoomers to S series.

Supermanayrb, 25 Nov 2021Yet you created an a account simply to post this. All that ... moreWhere's the 'effort' in that?

They haven't killed the Note. This article is so ridiculous. The Note is now being released as the S22 Ultra. Anyone following Samsung knows this. This is a clickbait article.

  • Anonymous

S Ultra is there. So don't worry.

  • Thronnos

But yet, in doing so they will lose millions of customers. I know for me that I would never get a foldable. It doesn't fit my lifestyle or work. The Note was a great form factor. Large, but still built in a very sturdy way that didn't need extra care like a foldable.

Klavs, 25 Nov 2021I don't think I care.Yet you created an a account simply to post this. All that effort shows you definitely care.

AirY, 25 Nov 2021Galaxy n9te lineup was legendry..i think note lineup was mu... moreAgree 100%. From the S3/Note 2 until the S10/Note lineup, the Note was always better than the S.

  • Samsung N9000

As usual Samsung is messing up again. They should stop making phones altogether and go back to making crt tv’s and MP3 players. Nothing will dethrone the almighty Note 1-4 as the best smartphones ever.

Killed or 'merged' (aka replaced) it with the S22?

The Flip, 25 Nov 2021There is no point having it any more when they can just add... moreThis.

Galaxy n9te lineup was legendry..i think note lineup was much more femoused thn s lineup.. and more users like note lineup over S lineup.. im biggest fan of S Pen and note lineup

  • Jamie

No Kidding the sales have gone down. That's because of the outrageous prices they sale them for. Then the customer service is also not worth it. Have you tried to talk to a real person? Or even to a person that you can understand intelligible? Then you you try the affordable models and they aren't worth the plastic that holds them together. Faster 5G??? The galaxy A12 is the worst phone even. I'd recommend going with a pixal or boost phone from now on. It'll be better than dealing with the garbage that samsung is putting out now. I've been a long time customer with Samsung. Its time I change up for something else.. just saying.

  • Savonarola

I love the note line. I don't like the folding phones in terms of practicality, they are just aesthetically pleasing to look at that's it. Some of us just like a phone that looks like a phone, without the gimmicks.

I don't think I care.

  • AnonD-909757

I just love it when people hating on certain things, like bezels, pop-up, 3.5mm Jack, etc, and saying they are "niche" or "nobody wants them", "they shouldn't exist" etc, are now crying because Samsung killed the Note series.

Funny part is, this is literally their fault, by making so anything non trending is seen as bad from endless complainings.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2021Lol please, no way in h*ll I'm going to replace my Not... moreThey will never discontinued the note series
Because majority love the

Sharp edges
Oldskool concept design than the nadsty hideously looking ugly curves on S series.

  • Anonymous

Lol please, no way in h*ll I'm going to replace my Note for a Fold. I'd rather buy any stylus-supported Galaxy Tab tablet instead.

  • Anonymous

Glad we have articles like this to say yeah whatever they say makes sense...... not! Thanks for nothing and just sounding like brainwashed fanboys.

  • Anonymous

Shellyman Studios, 25 Nov 2021The last real Note phone was the Note 4, some say it was th... moreNo. I ordered the note 2 to the note 3. It was definitely the 4 between the 2 at least.