Here are the best apps of 2021 on Google Play

30 November 2021
The list includes apps from Wear OS and Google TV platforms.

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I wonder who decides what APP is the best?
I sincerely checked the list and couldn't find even a decent one!

Guys, somehow I don't find any of these winning apps useful.
Lunar calender? What's so special even if someone developed an app for it?

Garena Free Fire MAX is ok, but what's the deal with others??

  • Goodfellow

Good move developers make google play store junk store.

  • AlienKiss

Dude, who the heck choose these apps?
I mean who is using Moonly??
I've clicked on every single one just to see what they're all about. Except for Clubhouse which I don't use, I've never heard of the rest and they seem to be useless, good for nothing apps..
These awards are a joke.

  • Anonymous

I would take a best apps list from the gsmarena staff over these lopsided google ones any day.

Those who vote a lot are 10 years old kids.

  • Anonymous

Am I the only one... not use any of these apps?

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021I just went through every single game and they're all ... moreWhy is it a joke? I voted for it.

Well why just why i am not surprised here???

  • Anonymous

I just went through every single game and they're all really stupid ones. You know, those lame games that are either clones of something else or just a poor graphics implementation.

And LOL at the Paramount+ app being the overall User's Choice. What a joke.

  • Anonymous

Aahh free fire making children toxic

the best apps can't be determined by someone, to each their own favorite ones, lists like these don't contribute to anything meaningful