2021 Winners and losers: Xiaomi

27 December 2021
It has been a productive year for Xiaomi – it launched over 50 phones and a bunch of other devices.

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return to stores xiaomi mi 11 ultra

    I had the Mi 11 Ultra once and it was mind blowing. The Camera was really good. But the glitchy software drive me nuts.

      Did I miss the words "tablet" and "Pad 5"? - I was so fond of the Mi Pad 4 Plus, that I ordered two more. For a one-person household, and after prices had sunk from excessive to normal.

        MIUI definitely this year loser

          I never liked MIUI, but used it on many models over the years, as Xiaomi typically delivers the best hardware at a given price point. However, people seem to be reporting that MIUI 12.5 is extremely buggy and that bug reports are ignored. I've been much happier with OnePlus and Realme, but if I wanted to avoid importing Chinese phones, I'd just go with Samsung.

            AnonD-909757, 27 Dec 2021Oh, c'mon, stop with this water obsession. *First, it... more"...the phone can be PERFECTLY water-resistant without any IP rating."

            I doubt that. My old phone doesn't have any kind of IP rating and it completely stopped working after a few water splashes. It's not like I dunk it inside a swimming pool or anything. IP rating can be effective if it's done right. I use my LG V50 a lot for underwater video recording when swimming and it never misses a beat, bearing in mind that my V50 is a Refurbished unit.

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              • 27 Dec 2021

              As long as there is USB-C 2.0, not 3.x and there is no "DEX like", Xiaomi just another boring phone like iPhone. Today phone CPU is as good as "good" mobile x86 and can be used as laptop replacement.

                I do think that Xiaomi made a limited number of the Mi 11 Ultra to see whether people would pay a premium price for their premium flagship model. After all, Xiaomi is widely known for its value-for-money offering. As for MIUI, I definitely can agree with the bad points. Even my friends who only use Xiaomi phones still hate MIUI to date. I helped a friend of mine flash LineageOS custom ROM on his Poco F3 not too long ago and he really loved it. I asked him whether he miss MIUI but he outright said 'No'. If only Xiaomi continues their Mi A lineup...

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                  • 27 Dec 2021

                  Although on paper Xiaomi phones sound perfect , in reality they aren't.. Each MIUI update breaks a feature or two and occasionaly phone stutters so bad that it goes back to 2012 days. (Other times its fine though)... Hardware issues ate pretty common on Redmi/Poco phones... point incase my Redmi Note 10 pro has screen flickering since day 1 (pretty common issue in these phones) and my brothers Poco X3 has a horrible wifi range.. the phones themselves are bang for buck but the experience has left a bitter taste..

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                    • 27 Dec 2021

                    AnonD-909757, 27 Dec 2021Oh, c'mon, stop with this water obsession. *First, it... moreI have to point out that I'm only talking about the Mi 11 itself, not the series. And IP68 has been the standard for flagship phones. Otherwise, I agree.

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                      • 27 Dec 2021

                      AnonD-1018516, 27 Dec 2021I feel like Mi 11 is also a loser this year. The phone was ... moreOh, c'mon, stop with this water obsession.
                      *First, it is a lack of water resistance CERTIFICATION, the phone can be PERFECTLY water-resistant without any IP rating.
                      *Second, it is much less effective than you think it is.
                      *Third, The Mi 11 Pro and 11 Ultra have IP68 and only the base Mi 11 and the Mi 11X and 11X Pro don't have any IP certification, meanwhile the Mi 11 Lite, 11 Lite 5G, 11i, Xiaomi 11T, 11T Pro and 11 Lite 5G NE all have IP53 rating which is much more useful in real life than any IP67/68 rating, as IP rating are NOT cumulative and an IP67/68 does NOT certify for the same stress an IP53 does.

                      Curved edge display, punch hole, lack of 3.5mm Jack and 5Mp Macro over a higher resolution one or a Telephoto are the real issues here.

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                        • AnonD-1018516
                        • fDb
                        • 27 Dec 2021

                        I feel like Mi 11 is also a loser this year. The phone was great but there are still some flaws like the lack of water resistance. It also has a lot of bugs that were reported, for example, overheating or on some, you can't even turn on WIFI. And in a lot of places (mine for eg.), the price is rocket high, it's priced the same with the S21+ and iPhone 12/13 series, which also becomes another disadvantage.