vivo S12 Pro render reveals a notch, streamlined camera island

01 December 2021
This will be the first phone from the vivo S series with a curved screen.

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  • I m afzfaal Gulzar

I love vivo call phone
Very nice looking vivo s12

  • Anonymous

Nice colour and curve screen

Pretty cool design

The big @$$ notch 🙄🙄🙄🙄?

This is a step back, but oddly enough I don't mind this notch. I guess I've been fatigued from seeing way too many punch hole displays lol.

Petunia, 01 Dec 2021Really disappointed that they introduced a curved display. ... moreI like the curved display.

Looks like a Samsung on the back and Apple on the front, idenity crisis.

  • Anonymous

Vivo in 2021: Combination of samsung's middle punch hole and iphone's dual vertical camera lens design.

Vivo in 2022: Combination of iphone's notch and samsung's triple vertical camera lens design.

I like this design and I personally like notches. It's not like the miniscule amount of pixels around a hole punch are going to be used for anything. Might as well scooch it up to the rest of body and give it a Seamless transition.

  • Anonymous

Looks very 2018!

  • Anonymous

Why the notch tho? This ain't 2016 or '18 lol

This definitely is one of the most beautiful midrangers around. Even with that notch

Really disappointed that they introduced a curved display. I don't like how it looks and how it feels, and most importantly it creates some unnecessary costs that lead to a higher price. Also, the rear looks like some generic Oppo or Realme phone, and it lost the distinct Vivo design. Why, vivo, why.

Most will call it ugly but I like it. Very symmetrical

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021Was the iphone 13 notch necessary? More than the punch hole, that is for sure.

  • Anonymous

Unb1453d, 01 Dec 2021Don't they already have punch hole camera? Damn copyin... moreThe vivo s series has always been notch not punch hole - as they have dual selfie cameras.
Also, really looks like an Oppo Reno 4,5,6

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021Was the iphone 13 notch necessary? They do think it is. Ugh.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 01 Dec 2021I think with this phone. Being that it really is primed for... moreWhile they might be good with that imagery and photography stuff, one may mistaken it from the front because of that notch which makes it look alike, oh you know, the fruity brand.

Don't they already have punch hole camera? Damn copying apple to the extreme SMH

  • Anonymous

Was the iphone 13 notch necessary?