Researchers develop ultra-compact camera with the size of a salt grain

01 December 2021
The system is built on a metasurface with 1.6 million cylindrical posts.

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  • 01 Dec 2021

Waiting patiently for Quantum Dkt Sensor to replace CMOS

Has 10,000 ti rs more light sensitivity than CMOS.

Meaning you can have a tiny sensor with 1000 MP camera and still get better night times shots than any advanced large sensor CMOS on planet.

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    • 01 Dec 2021

    How could such a microscopic sensor take pictures?
    Well anyway, it's impressive if true. But if it is commerical then it could be used to spy effectively.. How can you hold a grain of salt or stick it on your pocket or ceiling to spy on someone.. Let me guess, it won't be battery operated standalone because such miniscule battery don't exist? Maybe this one is for politicians.. I don't know man crazy things happening this year. As far as physics is concerned, a sensor this miniscule shouldn't capture as much light as in shown in the samples.

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      • 01 Dec 2021

      captain fokou, 01 Dec 2021And that's how privacy dies narrow field of use, wider field of misuse.

        No more camera bumps, nice!

          Hopefully this technology doesn't fall Victim to functional fixedness

          Not because the camera is small does that mean the technology of the meta surface cannot be applied to bigger lenses

          Hopefully some kind of hybrid application can be used for DSLRs or even smartphones

          That's how innovation works you take from one area and introduce it to another area

          Thats how we got the pressurised chamber moving from industrial use to in house cooking pressure cooking pots

          Just move down the technology

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            • 01 Dec 2021

            Interesting, thanks for sharing this. This could really speed up the under-display camera development and many more things. Wonder if any big tech companies are already on this.

              And that's how privacy dies

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                • 01 Dec 2021

                This is interesting. I don't exactly know how it works but it's interesting.