Xiaomi 12's camera bump to have a unique coating

02 December 2021
A new AG coating technology will help the upcoming flagship stand out.

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i think its 1.1.31 size from Sony not 1.1.12 size which was a year old ultra.But i don't Samsung's GEN1 or GEN2 they sucks behind Sony its fact but is S22 series we will look how they deliver the performance true to live.

    AnonD-909757, 03 Dec 2021BS. 1: There aren't that many "slim" phones... moreLol must'nt old English haha lol (btw ik it's old grammer but it's correct yk). For the other parts I agree. Although I like maybe just around 8mm mark (which is thin enough to not be too thick for somebody who doesn't like thick phones). But there should be options for most thicknesses as you said.

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      • 05 Dec 2021

      Anonymous, 04 Dec 2021I can agree with you there. The 5MP telemacro on some Xiaom... moreYup, now, knowing that the Depth camera at 2Mp give mixed results, and even there, even with a high resolution one, artificial Bokeh is still not as good as real, hardware Portrait lenses.
      And while it isn't able to "match professional 50mm shots" as claimed, the hardware Portrait is still much better than any Bokeh from a secondary camera, depth camera or ToF sensor.

      So the 2Mp Depth camera is double useless as it is a low quality way to get a lesser version.
      Meanwhile, the Macro can be useful, but not at 2Mp.
      A good 50mm 12Mp Tele-Macro and Portrait combo would be an excellent secondary sensor, heck, it would even have a dual lens configuration mode allowing for either far and close focus, so it would also serve as a regular 2x Telephoto, allowing the main periscope Telephoto to be 5x without having to rely too much on cropping thanks to the 2x giving a nice step between the Wide and 5x.

      There are much better use in the computational photography field for 2Mp sensors than Macro and Depth.

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        • 04 Dec 2021

        AnonD-909757, 03 Dec 2021I agree, but why "especially macro cameras"? The... moreI can agree with you there. The 5MP telemacro on some Xiaomi phones is really good. Depth sensor on the other hand, is useless.
        And telephoto should be minimum 3x, with high res sensors 2x digital zoom is pretty good.

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          • 03 Dec 2021

          Mampara, 03 Dec 2021Hope they stop using useless 2mp cameras especially macro c... moreI agree, but why "especially macro cameras"?
          The depth sensor is much less useful when you already have several other sensors (mainly, the Ultra-Wide) which can perfectly do the same job, and true Portrait are always better than fake bokeh using depth sensor.
          At least, even at 2Mp, the Macro can still be useful.

          Though, no Macro should be under 7Mp, in fact, no sensors should be under 12Mp anyway.
          The best quad camera setup would be :
          *Wide + Ultra-Wide + Telephoto + Portrait and Macro combo (as both are basically somewhere between Wide and Telephoto in terms of focal length, and with both being specialized for shorter focus distance and shallow depth of field).
          And the best triple camera setup would be :
          *Wide + Ultra-Wide + true Zoom (continuously variable focal length) Telephoto with close focus capabilities, allowing to have Macro and Portrait modes on top of Telephoto.

          And while some Ultra-Wide can be "hacked" using their focus to do Macro shots, it should only be a thing for cheap phones, more expensive, photography oriented phones, should have a better solution, as the Ultra-Wide is literally the opposite of what you need for a Macro, a Macro is much closer to a Telephoto than to an Ultra-Wide, most Macro in fact have higher focal length (average being at 50mm) than smartphones' Wide (which are on average around 25mm), on smartphones, 50mm is a 2x Telephoto, and it is the same as the focal length of the Macro camera of phones like the Poco F2 Pro (first with a Tele-Macro), Poco F3, Redmi K40 series and Mi 11X.

            Hope they stop using useless 2mp cameras especially macro cameras and replace it with telephoto lens

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              • 03 Dec 2021

              Zzz, 03 Dec 2021No, phone must be slim, It is a phone not powerbank But ... moreBS.
              1: There aren't that many "slim" phones as people like you want to believe, most are around 9mm and not 7mm, which is only a handful, they are far from the norm.
              Following searches including "bar" form factor and "Android" as OS to filter out feature phones and others:
              *7mm and less, 178 devices found: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nThicknessMax=7&sFormFactors=1&sOSes=2
              *7mm to 8mm, 1033 devices found: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nThicknessMin=7&nThicknessMax=8&sFormFactors=1&sOSes=2
              *8mm to 9mm, 1948 devices found: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nThicknessMin=8&nThicknessMax=9&sFormFactors=1&sOSes=2
              *9mm to 10mm, 1396 devices found: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nThicknessMin=9&nThicknessMax=10&sFormFactors=1&sOSes=2
              *10mm and above, 1303 devices found: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nThicknessMin=10&sFormFactors=1&sOSes=2

              2: Many people prefer thicker phones, while many don't like too large or tall phones, I've never seen anyone in real life complaining that a phone was too thick or saying they prefer thin phones.

              3: holding something too thin can quickly become unpleasant, that's why everything you have to hold is thicker than a phone, from a car steering wheel to a remote control, power tools, etc.

              4: You probably didn't experience many sub-8mm phones yourself, your experience is probably with a 9mm phone without you knowing.

              5: A 15mm camera bump mean that to have a proper protection, your case will bring your entire phone up to 15mm thick, my 8.9mm Poco F2 Pro have a (on purpose) thick protection case bringing it to 12mm, which is quite comfortable.
              While a naturally thicker phone (10mm) will have more space for internal components, including periscope and other large and long sensor + lens designs, and still have much more battery capacity than a 8mm one with a 7mm deep bump.
              The 8.9mm thick Sony Xperia Pro-I with its large sensor is a good example of that as the phone + bump isn't near 15mm, same for the 9mm Huawei P40 Pro+ who has one of the biggest Telephoto doesn't reach 15mm with it's bump.

              6: It isn't because you (think you) prefer thinner phones, that all phones should be thin, you don't need to nor will buy all phones of the market, they don't need to all match YOUR tastes, so, NO, a phone MUST'NT be slim, THEY, MUST be of ALL various thickness, slim, thick, average, etc.

                Dudenoway, 02 Dec 2021And where did you get that source from? Exactly, you can�... moreJust check news of Mi12 today in gsmerena...

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                  • 03 Dec 2021

                  AnonD-909757, 02 Dec 2021I'd take a 10mm or even a 12mm phone with no camera bu... moreNo, phone must be slim,
                  It is a phone not powerbank
                  I'd take 15 or 20 mm cam bump with 1 inch sensor with proper telephoto lens

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                    • 02 Dec 2021

                    ericwang, 02 Dec 2021unless your phone have enough thickness(10mm) or chosen sma... moreI'd take a 10mm or even a 12mm phone with no camera bump and bigger battery ANYDAY over the useless slim thingy that are everywhere.

                      Street Puppy, 02 Dec 20211080p 120Hz SD 8 Gen 1 50MP GN5 5000mAh + 120W Execpt for the 5k mah the specs are correct. And the the res is 1440p not 1080p.

                        ericwang, 02 Dec 2021Picture fake... The real Mi12 bump design is close to the ... moreAnd where did you get that source from? Exactly, you can't just say this is fake cuz
                        A) the guy who posted this is a very popular guy who posts romours and leaks which are almost garaunteed real
                        B) these are just romours and the source you got was a romour too I'm sure.

                          Anonymous, 02 Dec 2021some unnecessary macro camera thank you xiaomi, i can no... moreThere is no macro I'm pretty sure. That's an 3d ToF sensor or maybe a tele.

                            AnonD-909757, 02 Dec 2021We don't want a "bump with a unique design",... moreunless your phone have enough thickness(10mm) or chosen small camera sensor...

                              Picture fake...
                              The real Mi12 bump design is close to the Xiaomi Mi10T(or Redmi K30S in China)
                              one big circle for main camera
                              four small circles for ultra wide,macro,flashlight and another sensor....

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                                • 02 Dec 2021

                                We don't want a "bump with a unique design", we want NO bump, or at least a symmetrical one.
                                The Meizu 17 Pro still has the best main camera design I've even seen :

                                  It'll be interesting to see how the 12 series will look.

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                                    • 02 Dec 2021

                                    1080p 120Hz
                                    SD 8 Gen 1
                                    50MP GN5
                                    5000mAh + 120W

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                                      • 02 Dec 2021

                                      sihao, 02 Dec 2021Trust me, it's the camera cutout for Vivo , not Xiaomi. I don't trust you and how do you know?? Xiaomi should be using lens coatings to reduce horrible flare not outside coatings contributing to nothing

                                        Flagship nowdays not far from camera, next flagship making hype about camera and so on