Another One UI 4.0 beta arrives for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

03 December 2021
A lot of issues have been fixed.

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  • 11 Dec 2021

It's because for the past several years Samsung got a lot of bad press for how slow they were pushing out updates to the next version in comparison to the likes of Google and other companies like OnePlus. They wanted to get that label off their image so bad I guess that they're not being patient enough to iron out the major bugs before release.

    BigDisplay, 03 Dec 2021Finally, i never understood this rush to get new updates wh... moreYou are so right!!! Their OneUI beta has as many bugs as stars in the sky. I have already heard about many issues. For example 50% of live wallpaper apps stopped working after updating to OneUI 4 beta. Shame on Samsung.

      Finally, i never understood this rush to get new updates which is not stable... Best for all is a stable software, but still lots of people want the unstable Samsung, Xiaomi etc updates... Sooo strange.
      Who buy a car with lots of problems?