My top 5 phones of 2021 - Kaloyan

26 December 2021
Our reviewers reminisce about the most memorable smartphones the came out in 2021.

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Ipad mini6 is very crazy i love this ipad

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    • Horse
    • 6v0
    • 29 Dec 2021

    McQ2, 27 Dec 2021Must be getting a kick back from Xiaomi. If you take out... moreWhat? Fr*cking X2 Pro!

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      • Demion
      • XBA
      • 29 Dec 2021

      I always charge my Samsung galaxy A52 twice a day, it's still New.. is the battery faulty or that's the usual

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        • AlienKiss
        • iDB
        • 28 Dec 2021

        ALPHABOY17, 27 Dec 2021Also, you don't have solutions. Back when s6 was relea... moreThank you! You deserve a medal my friend!
        Besides removing the SD card slot (I NEVER buy a phone without this feature), the 3.5mm jack, the headphones, the charger, the removable battery, the analog radio from the high-end flagship segment, they have also downgraded the display to FHD from WQHD+, having a much lower PPI density, making them no better than a lousy mid-range phone.
        Sorry Samsung, I tried, but you're forcing me to buy a Sony 😆

          Crackling Doom, 27 Dec 2021Good for you. Doesn't mean that there aren't peop... moreI agree.

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            • Manehdra sing dhoni
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            • 28 Dec 2021

            Please mention rate of Mobiles

              wow, a surprisingly solid and fairly objective list 🤔 I miss such a thing in current times when most tech reviewers are sellouts to 2-3 big brands 😁

                ALPHABOY17, 27 Dec 2021Also, you don't have solutions. Back when s6 was relea... moreWell said. People are just fking stupid and blindly accept whatever corporations offer them. I vote with my money. As a consumer, it's the power I (and every other consumer) hold over corporations but don't use it. If we all refused to buy whatever garbage corporations sell to us, we would be getting a lot more bang for our buck today. But no. We end up getting screwed time and time again, seemingly increasingly so every year and we do it with a smile on our face. Truly abhorrent.

                  Crackling Doom, 27 Dec 2021Good for you. Doesn't mean that there aren't peop... moreAlso, you don't have solutions. Back when s6 was released, at least you had goddamn 128gb version, it was huge space back then! Not to mention you could easily access your internal storage externally if your phone broke!
                  Removal of headphone jack was understandable on very thin phones, below or equal to 5mm. And even then, you got adapters. Nowadays, you don't even have adapters, you don't have more storage than 7 years ago, you don't even get charger in the box anymore! Not to mention I tested like 3-4 pairs of wireless headphones from other people and all sound terrible compared to wired old ones!
                  And the fact that low end piece of junk phones have headphone jack and micro sd, tells EVERYTHING!
                  And to think back then, I hated those low end phones, and now I don't want to change them anymore, because of these stupid and greedy tactics corporations use these days!!!
                  Did I mentioned about the use of lower capacity batteries in flagships in comparison with low ends, even though these "efficient" SD or God-Forgive-Us Exynos run like flamethrowers?

                  Hell, even the removable battery was something so damn great and people ,including me, accepted to ditch it!!! But how much can we accept anymore!? Why not just sell a phone without a screen?

                    BigDisplay, 27 Dec 2021Errr 2022 is near, the lack of those sruff is normal and ac... moreGood for you. Doesn't mean that there aren't people out there (such as myself) that still value a headphone jack and a Micro SD card slot. The fact that a lack of features is socially "accepted" is a problem that only endless greedy corporations to sell you less for the same (if not more) amount of money then want you to spend even MORE money on accessories that could've been a part of the phone from the beginning. It's pathetic how mindless people can be.

                      OldVillainousHeavens, 27 Dec 2021What notable flagship has that nowadays though?That's not the point.

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                        • Andrew
                        • M5h
                        • 27 Dec 2021

                        McQ2, 27 Dec 2021Must be getting a kick back from Xiaomi. If you take out... morePixel 6 isn't available in most markets and you have to ship it from US or somewhere abroad

                          McQ2, 27 Dec 2021Must be getting a kick back from Xiaomi. If you take out... moreHey. I haven’t handled the Pixel 6 yet, the list contains phones I have personally used or reviewed - the article says it in the very beginning. For everything else - we have our buyers guide with our complete selection.

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                            • McQ2
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                            • 27 Dec 2021

                            Must be getting a kick back from Xiaomi.

                            If you take out the fact some of these manufacturers use "slave" labor, engage in suppressing free speech, and are defacto spy agencies for the Chinese Communist Party, it does make you think twice about buying a $1000+ phone.

                            It is good to see you mention more compact models. Carrying around a 6.7 inch half pound block of glass I can barely hold is getting old. When I down sized from a Samsung S21U to a Pixel 4a5G the phone felt good again. Like I could feel something other than my fingers death gripping a glass edge. Forget all the specs and latest hardware, it just felt good both officially and mentally for not having to drop a G, but still have a device that worked.

                            Your deliberate avoidance of Pixel 6 is too blatant and obvious. It makes me question the validity of your entire article. It is simple crazy to not mention the Pixel 6 for cost, performance, and size if those are areas you truly care about.

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                              • 27 Dec 2021

                              We just got a new Mi 11 Ultra on October for my partner. He accidentally dropped it (less than 1meter fall, with shockproof casing) but screen cracked on one corner and persisted to the other side. Found that this is a common issue on Mi 11 ultra.

                              On another note, I got an S21 Ultra 5g and I'm pretty happy with it especially the telephoto pics.

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                                • AlienKiss
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                                • 27 Dec 2021

                                Funny! My 1TB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card costs more than a Xiaomi phone 🤣🤣😎

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                                  • 8uS
                                  • 27 Dec 2021

                                  Anonymous, 26 Dec 2021Well, it's equally funny seeing Xiaomi haters coping t... moreIm glad you pointed out that the image I posted ( may be fake. I mean after all, with all the details lost on the smudgy mess in the bottom, it may as well have been taken by Redmi Note 7. Well... Bad news, Xiaomi bros...

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                                    • 27 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymous, 27 Dec 2021I'm typing this on an S21 Ultra and honestly it's... moreClearly you don't own the device

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                                      • 27 Dec 2021

                                      AnonD-1030868, 26 Dec 2021IPhone 13 pro isn't a good phone at all Not interesti... moreI'm typing this on an S21 Ultra and honestly it's people like you that make me a little nervous about buying such an expensive Samsung phone. Let's go through your 'complaints' and I'll be able to tell you that the S21 Ultra isn't some 'magical' device that should be picked in every single scenario.

                                      The iPhone 13 Pro has some of the best video recording that I've seen on a phone, and as well as that it has a confident (maybe not your thing but they know what they're doing) design. On top of that the screen is made **by** Samsung (with a sprinkle of LG) so that point is moot. The Poco F3 costs about 4 times less than the S21U.

                                      The Flip 3 has some issues, enough to make me personally say it isn't the best phone of the year but it's still a good one. Just still too many compromises. As for ugly phones, may I direct you to Samsung's previous S20 Ultra?

                                      One UI is too heavy a skin on Android, not many people use DeX at all and the S21U only gets three years of software updates in terms of OS and maybe a year more of other updates.

                                      The screen on the Xperia Pro-I is way better on paper than the S21U and I'd say the Pixel 6 has a camera that's just as good if not better, and that's at half the price.

                                      Don't forget that photo editors exist and it only takes two taps to make a photo from an iPhone look like a Pixel, or a Galaxy S.

                                      It's a device for calling people and playing games, maybe doing some work on the go. It's all a matter of preference and the S21 Ultra isn't the perfect device, far from it. And that's without mentioning the Snapdragon/Exynos debacle.

                                        Crackling Doom, 26 Dec 2021"The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the phone Santa puts under ... moreErrr 2022 is near, the lack of those sruff is normal and accepted by the most people out there.
                                        I have the MI 11 Ultra and use cloud services for all my pictures or upload them on my own Plex move/pkcture server.
                                        I got my self some nice bt headphones, so really dont miss anther 3,5mm hole in my phone.