LG is shutting down its developer website, last chance to unlock your bootloader

06 December 2021
The website will no longer be available after December 31, 2021.

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NeonHD, 24 Dec 2021I've owned three and never had them bootloop. The only... moreI owned a single LG V10 and it bootlooped after probably only a few months.

Why would you buy 3 of them if they all worked properly.

Update from my previous comment:

I'm doomed. It's already the 31st and my LG G7 still has not arrived yet. So ridiculous considering it's been well over a month, and standard shipping is supposed to take only 15-30 days. Funnily enough, even the case that I bought for it has already arrived, and that is using economic shipping methods. So stupid..... 😤

I'm lucky though, as there are unofficial ways of unlocking the G7.

Why so hurry? What is making them to close the site? Are those bootloader key clogging up terabytes of storage in their server? 😑

TheWildShadow55, 16 Dec 2021I wouldn't agree that an LG G4 makes a good backup con... moreI've owned three and never had them bootloop. The only problem might be thermal issues, where it'll heat up until you get like a yellow screen of death.

NeonHD, 16 Dec 2021What?!??? This is bad news for me, because I bought a LG G7... moreI wouldn't agree that an LG G4 makes a good backup considering how easily they bootloop nowadays, like if you own a working LG G4 still I'd baby the heck out of it as to prolong its life as much as possible

What?!??? This is bad news for me, because I bought a LG G7 from Aliexpress and still waiting on it. Hopefully it'll arrive before end of this year so I can unlock its bootloader.

That also means I can't buy any more refurbed LG phones from Aliexpress and expect to unlock its bootloader, at least officially. Such a shame.

The LG G4 can be had for $50 on Aliexpress now, and it makes for a great backup or throwaway phone for miscellaneous uses.

  • Meep

LG could've done really well in the industry if they had bothered to advertise. In the UK, we only have advertisements for Apple and Samsung when it comes to phones, and that's why they are the most popular.

  • Viswanath reddy

How to download bootloader key.Should i go to LG service center?

  • Zteam

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021What about h870ds. Can you unlock /root the most difficult... moreHave you tried asking LG directly?
if not start there :-)
If you had, you can check here https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/root-for-all-models-that-dont-have-it.3848460/

  • Zteam

If your warranty already expired, just do it, you have zero to lose :-)
Personally, I unlock every smartphone and tablet I ever own.

  • GorillaPhone

And i still no android 11 for sprint lg v50

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021agreed... have no plans of unlocking my 4 lg phones too...... moreI always doubt if the DualScreen case is gimmicky. It was because of that so-called "gimmicky" feature that I returned my telco-locked Galaxy Fold and get a V50 with its DualScreen case. Definitely never regretted that decision to this day and I'm still loving it.

  • Anonymous

Narazumono, 06 Dec 2021I never owned an LG phone so i can't really say i'... moreLooks like you deserve no choice. You know fully well you don't need to go anywhere.

  • Anonymous

That's bogus+

  • Nditsh

Is LG G6 also affected?

  • Anonymous

BigDisplay, 06 Dec 2021Try searching the internet for answers 🔎nope.

  • Seed

Anonymous, 06 Dec 20211. LG fans buy the top end flagship V series before, solely... moreTrue enough. Software on the V series is unique enough that slapping a custom rom will render the additional features, like dual screen and DAC ,useless

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021what is bootloader? how to unlock? where from to get it?This is simplified explanations, but basically it is already on every Android smartphones.
It is just a matter of accessing it.
As for what it is, you can see it as the BIOS of a computer, though it isn't the same exact thing.
It allows you to do stuffs such as installing a different recovery (the default recovery mode is often replaced with TWRP which itself allow to do a lot of things, including installing other ROM such as (some that are available for the LG G6 for example) Lineage OS, HavocOS, Pixel Experience Plus), and other basic functions like that, but of course, its main goal is to boot the phone, it is what will load the base elements, as this image show :
https://community.e.foun dation/uploads/default/original/2X/1/175281cfeb9c0589017c2282980b4e4f32ab0d71.png

One of the issue with Android is how different from brand to brand all of this is, there are really different procedures to install various things (recovery, ROM, Kernel, root apps, etc), not just in a per-brand basis, but in a per-phone model basis, even local market to global variants can have differences...

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021What the hell's wrong with Linux? It doesn't have... moreYou got that wrong, I meant Android was bad COMPARED to other OS such as Linux as it (Android) prevent you from doing a lot of things without unlocking it first.
Which is a shame as it is build upon Linux who, as you said, allow you to do basically everything.

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021some company even require you to register and login in in o... moreYeah, that's so awful, imagine if Windows or Linux had you do that in order to make an admin account or tweak the registry and other stuffs...