Marketing images of the Google Pixel Watch leak

06 December 2021
The watch is supposedly coming in early 2022. It will have a round, bezel-less design.

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  • ME

The watch is too thin to have a serious battery.
1 day watch is not for me.

Smartwatchguy, 07 Dec 2021Wear os 3 isn't close to being ready. Even if they wan... moreROFL

  • gregm

Huge NO to the band. I want to use the band of my choosing. Not some slimy rubber or silicone thing.

  • sport user

Fitbit ionic has accurate sensors, Apple is approximating numbers from sensonrs, bad gps, and isn't suitable for sport at all..

  • Smartwatchguy

Wear os 3 isn't close to being ready. Even if they want to compete with Apple's 1 day battery with that design (not 3 day likeMobvoi), Android in general including wear os are not user friendly. Even Windows is more use friendly than Android... Google is still working on the basics of their mobile OS, most would be better served with a fitbit or mi band... Tweakers and technology lovers like us posters see android as simple but, lets not forget all those people we help out and what we seethem do to their devices lol.

  • Anonymous

yalim, 07 Dec 2021google already has one of the best smartwatches on the mark... moreI hope the sensor and the algorithms are on par with the Apple Watch. I've had the Fitbit Versa and the Sense, and while Fitbit's sleep tracking is as good as they get, at high heart rates the sensors are not accurate, which is why I switched to Garmin. Better than the Chinese watches, but still not as good as Garmin or Apple Watch.

  • Poseign

The problem with smart watch battery life is the OLED screen. While wearOS is a battery hog in itself, if they used a backlit, transflective memory-in-pixel panel like Garmin does on their Vivoactive 4 series it could double the battery life of the watch easily. But it comes at the cost of the screen not being crisp and vibrant. To me it'd be well worth the trade off. My daily wearable is the Vivoactive 4 because it lasts 4-5 days and has just enough smart functionality to be great at both fitness tracking and smartwatch capabilities.

  • Mr. Kroniks

its me, 07 Dec 2021looks girlish...Agree.

  • Mr. Kroniks

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021"bezel-less".. I'll believe that WHEN I see... moreSure, boss. The whole GSMArena is waiting for your decision.

  • Anonymous

yalim, 07 Dec 2021google already has one of the best smartwatches on the mark... moreEactly this, although wouldn't mind more battery life on WearOS. Huawei can manage 2 weeks on theirs so no reason that Google couldn't do the same or at the least get a week to 10 days.

google already has one of the best smartwatches on the market, fitbit. they would go for a revised versa series with wearOS. upto 3-4 days of battery life with wearOS would be a game changer. fitbit already has revised the smartbands with luxe and charge5. charge5 is a real powerhouse almost on par with fitbit's flagship versa sense.

they can keep using fitbitOS on smartbands with a more simple UI and weekly battery life. then, give wearOS with versa to advanced users. or, pixel watch will be a successor/replacement to fitbit's versa series.

  • its me

looks girlish...

  • Anonymous

This and the apple watch no no frames are ugly.
I think Samsung got it right with the exterior dial on the their watches. That extra little lip helps keep the screen from being a scratched mess.

  • Anonymous

although i hate the wear os very much and i would never buy one because of the battery consumption but i'm glad google is releasing the pixel watch , at least the Chinese oem will have a model to go by .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021Most generic looking design I've seen, no personality ... moreAs all google phones and products

  • Anonymous

8 month old story 🥱😴 nothing new...

  • Anonymous

As long it isn't 'My empty wallet at a glance', we should be okay.

  • mywatch

Wilsom, 06 Dec 2021Bruh why your watch need 100000 year batterycoz i wanna wear it on my arm not sit it on a charger lol
"just charge it at night" so ur saying im not allowed to use sleep tracking on my watch? i gotta get a whole second device or two watches so that i can have sleep tracking? thats dumb and the battery should just last multiple days

  • Anonymous

Most generic looking design I've seen, no personality whatsoever.

  • Wilsom

Chixby, 06 Dec 2021Plz solve battery life problem! We don't need another ... moreBruh why your watch need 100000 year battery