Sony announces new console covers and DualSense colors for the PlayStation 5

13 December 2021
Available starting January 2022.

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  • 15 Dec 2021

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2021I'm not giving Sony a single penny ever again.Awww noo please don't go, if you do Sony A MASSIVE COMPANY will crash and die today!

    Anonimo, 14 Dec 2021Maybe I can buy one and keep it in the closet while I wait ... moreEbay has 1 for $680 digital edition

    Its $180 up from market price but still not too bad from before being all 800+

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      • Marvin
      • gCY
      • 14 Dec 2021

      The Flip, 14 Dec 2021You can't even buy a PS5 for retail price. Since ge... moreyes. it is called imersion in an environment. It is what makes movies and stories great.It brings imagination to life although in a uniform way( compared to reading where imagination is experienced diferently based on your IQ). Thank you for pointing it out. What you say are the same are game mechanics. Those are secondary. It is great that games are not different repetitive button pushing schemes, which is apparently what you like and have become more realistic and relatable thanks to better graphics while keeping the same core mechanics

        Maybe I can buy one and keep it in the closet while I wait another year for a PS5 to become available at retail price in the UK.

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          • 84e
          • 14 Dec 2021

          I'm not giving Sony a single penny ever again.

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            • TSR
            • 14 Dec 2021

            r31ya, 14 Dec 2021I really want to buy PS5 but the disc version is still at $... moreEven pc parts are getting ridiculously expensive rn! 🤣🤣🤣

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              • r31ya
              • Kx9
              • 14 Dec 2021

              I really want to buy PS5 but the disc version is still at $900 here.
              I can stomach the price if its up to $600~$700 but at $900?
              I rather upgrade my pc.

                it would be awesome see the micro detail on these ps5 housing covers in different colours, really lovely touch with ps logos in micro size details

                  The Flip, 14 Dec 2021You can't even buy a PS5 for retail price. Since ge... moregather you never played current generation or last gen stop gap games which the awesome power changes the gameplay, such as death stranding, last of us part2, gran turismo sport, horizon zero dawn or god of war, the experience is completely different to playstation 1 era as the cpu power make the worlds so much more realistic or more vivid, i still on playstation 4 pro though, even though i still enjoy retro games, i played super star soldier on my pc engine mini last night, i also play playstation 1 games on my ps vita and ps vita tv

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                    • Gxb
                    • 14 Dec 2021

                    Hold up!!!! Sony has the ability to make new covers and new DualSense controller colors. So what are we going to use them for? Sony should really really work on making more ps5 consoles. WAIT!!! I think the over enthusiast smartphone department is now working in the console department. I hope that both these departments stay away from the professional camera department. REALLY SONY!!! Come on, stop the games and just make more game consoles.

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                      • Harry
                      • ndY
                      • 14 Dec 2021

                      Great l can buy some and pretend that l have a PS5 lol. It's impossible to buy for over 1 year now, ridiculous. (at a normal price)

                        You can't even buy a PS5 for retail price.

                        Since getting into the emulation again, I'll never buy a console ever again. What's the point? I don't want to be stuck at home. I want portability. I'll have to wait 20 years but I don't care.

                        Gameplay is essentially the same from 20 to 30 years ago. Just better graphics but the same core gameplay finding the right patterns like in the Atari days. Gran Turismo 3 and 4 on PS2 played no differently than the original one in 1998.

                        We're just paying for prettier graphics. That's it. No improvement in gameplay. Some games aren't even fun any more and more of a chore that adds stress. We're playing to see strands on Lara Croft's hair.

                          Diddy, 13 Dec 2021this is why they sued and banned custom ones. It was along ... moreYou mean like every business out there? Wow, good catch...

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                            • Gusta
                            • xh3
                            • 14 Dec 2021

                            007, 13 Dec 2021they should work on having the ps5 available!!! better than... moreThat's not depend on Sony itself but from chipset manufacturer also. It's because of covid-19 pandemic.

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                              • TheFool
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                              • 14 Dec 2021

                              So we have two different type of "pink" colours.
                              I love they still call that dark pink colour as "cosmic red"

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                                • 13 Dec 2021

                                they should work on having the ps5 available!!! better than coming out with new covers!!!

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                                  • 39x
                                  • 13 Dec 2021

                                  If you buy their new coloured faceplates, just make sure you throw the white ones in the recycle bin.

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                                    • 13 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymous, 13 Dec 2021maybe the black is fine but the rest really looks cheap, no... moreyes, but black is like standard default color. Sony only went with white this time around to sell these faceplates.

                                      I'm no console peasant but putting a red (or blue) panel on one side and a black one on the other would probably look pretty cool.

                                        black and red combo is the best imo.