8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot leaked

11 June, 2008
Well, Sony Ericsson have been covering this one up until now. Their uber cameraphone is finally in the wild with all...

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Is this camera is good for capturing nature

  • haseeb

I like this blog . I read this blog . I learned a lot

  • arun

I want siny ericsson c 905.

  • Jackpot

irfan, 15 Apr 2011best phoneGreat!

  • irfan

Hameed Azimy, 10 Mar 2011Hey guys how ru all ? i want to buy this set as soon so sh... morebest phone

  • Hameed Azimy

hey the zooming of this mobile camera is oregnal or not please answer my quistion becouse i am am going to buy thsi. ?????????????????

  • Hameed Azimy

Hey guys how ru all ?
i want to buy this set as soon so should i buy that or not please tell me some thing i am waiting for all of ur answer . i am confuse that should i buy this or not so please guys help me .

  • Disha Singhal

Sony is famous for its voive quality and i purchase this phone coz of listning music so why the voice is not so good of it. and its handsfree is not like that as we heard abt sonys handsfree. Its camera cover spring is also not working properly and service center says that this is like that only. Please help me out.

  • anoop

mark, 18 Jan 2010I bought this phone in May '09. I had tons of fun with it. ... morei am facing the same problem in my phones earspeaker . well its march now ,did they repair your phone

  • Maripod

Hi, does anyone know if sony c905 sold on Ebay from Hong Kong are genuine cell phones? Should I get one? Thx.

  • mark

I bought this phone in May '09. I had tons of fun with it. But when August came, the earpiece started malfunctioning. A week after that it stopped working altogether. Then the keypad started to loose its tactile feedback. I still love it for its' camera though. It was until December 12, 2009 that I brought it in to SE for repair/replacement.

Today's January 19, 2010 and my phone is still with them. I keep calling them to ask how's the repair going and every time it's the same thing... They haven't started the repair because the parts that they ordered haven't been delivered.

I used to love this phone because it's a well-rounded device. But its'.... shall I say... "defects?" is something to consider. Guys, if you have the same problems, let me know.

Hope this helps if ever you're considering to buy this phone.

  • ghem

should i buy it? actually i like sony ericson cybershot, a nice quality phone.

  • tharindu

ya this is a really nice 4n i got dis after my k800 much better dan dat im frightten that nokia fking fans poseted not to buy dis 4n. im honastly tell dat if u buy this that is da most correct disistion u got

  • Dj

Pplz das phone realy cool n great coz i bought dat phone like a weak ago his look is awsome n beautifull n his cam result is outstandin i post some pics on myspace u cancheck there www.myspace.com/geminipathan hit me up there s u can see dat

  • not telling

should i get this fone?
is it good or not?
gettin a new fone, which 1 should i get?

  • hbraheem


  • amala

plz dont realse such mobiles u dont know about boys

  • Anonymous

this phone is so slick..cant wait to get one like that

  • Kosmokrater..

hass, 01 May 2009its so fake. i bought c905 .withn 1mnth it occur many probl... moreWell looks like its time for you to buy a new phone..lol..

  • AMAN

Can any1 tell about its Zoom..... Upto what extent we can Zoom aa picture at full resolutions....???