Tecno plans to launch the first Android with sensor shift IS, is working on a telescopic camera

15 December 2021
Sensor shift can correct the roll axis too. The telescopic zoom lens will offer variable focal length. 

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  • 17 Dec 2021

I think it's great idea to these mobile brands although Tecno they lack creativity in designing these technolocal tools

    Hope the sound quality improves as well.

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      • 16 Dec 2021

      Anonymous, 16 Dec 20211) larger sensor for periscope would make phone much thicke... more1) Plenty of people want thicker devices, I would NEVER like handling a 7mm device, I am really happy with my thick case which make my phone 12mm, and by the way, the average is 9mm.
      There is a reason why remote control are thick and not just super flat, which only work for those small rectangular light bulb's remotes, it is more ergonomic, so yeah, some like thin phones, but clearly not everyone.
      And what you didn't understand about "there are solutions to allow a narrow periscope to output on a large sensor", it is a no-brainer here that I am talking about a sensor laying FLAT :
      NOT 90°,which, by the way, a PERISCOPE has TWO reflective surfaces.
      Because YOU don't like it doesn't mean no phones should be made that way.

      2) Do you remember how much did LCD and Oled did cost when they first appeared?
      It isn't because it is CURRENTLY expensive that the idea is bad, in a near future it will be affordable.
      And in case you are not aware, Apple announced the 12.9" iPad Pro to have a miniled backlighting this year, and it doesn't cost 10k+, we are getting closer and closer to microled becoming as affordable to miniled.
      And also, what? They ARE customers for those products, as much as there will for sure be people wanting to pay as much for a miniled/microled smartphone.

      3) I've already talked about weight and explained to you that, exactly like thickness and size, there are people preferring heavier phones.
      And I don't carry my phone on my pocket, I carry it on my small satchel bag, which is much better.
      I quit having my phone on my pocket since, big phones and pocket-size who haven't evolved to match them isn't a good match and my old Xperia fell off my pocket often when I was seating or crouching, I've got a friend who bought the iPhone 12 mini for that reason over a larger model, so it wouldn't fall when he is biking.
      But even there, I would prefer to have in my pocket a heavy but nice phone with the feature I want rather than a lighter phone that doesn't match my expectations.

      Wrong, most luxury cars are actually sold at a loss, and ANY car is comparable as they do cost more, require much more infrastructure and much more R&D and certifications than a smartphone to be made, yet, there is still diversity.

      Yeah, sure, that's exactly why we see more and more foldable devices from more and more brands coming, you are so in point with the reality, so much so that while I am writing this, the GSMArena new's page have two foldable phones featured (Huawei P50 Pocket and Oppo Find N) while second page have 3 (Galaxy Fold3 & Z Flip3 on top of news for the aforementioned ones).
      That's a typical thing of the Android community member to ASSERT what a brand is doing or not, only be totally wrong.

      Then what? As long as it is profitable, what is the problem?
      Even if only 50 were sold, as long as it makes profits, why the heck it shouldn't be done?
      Like I said, luxury var manufacturers often sell hypercar as a loss because the advertisement it provides alone is worth it, there are people buying MUCH MORE expensive stuff that have arguably much less essential.
      Again, almost every market does that, except, you guessed it, the smartphone one.
      Go ahead and justify a 250,000€ wristwatch's cost, yet, those sell well.
      You are just asserting what they can or cannot do while totally lacking any sufficient knowledge to actually know about it.
      In fact, to prove my point, since I often talk about super simple products that still have more diversity than smartphone, such as toothbrushes and nail-clipper, here is a 4,200€ toothbrush, which is clearly more expensive than the "3000$ smartphone No OnE wOuLd BuY" :
      It does the EXACT SAME JOB as a 3$ one!!! AND the material and R&D clearly doesn't cost anywhere near 1100$.
      The more something cost, the least you need to sell to be profitable, that's a no-brainer here.

      So you are just the typical smartphone community who hate and can't stand the idea of anything outside what is trending and not within your own tastes.
      Since when anyone has to try so hard that something shouldn't be made and that "no one wants this"?

      There are currently only few phones under 7mm :
      10 since 2020, 3 being the Mi 11 and 3 being foldable (in their unfolded thickness).
      You that like slim phones, you know what? If people like you didn't do their hating thing and didn't kill the diversity, you'd have more than just a handful of phones to choose from.
      So, yeah, keep going, keep helping diversity to not be a thing a killing in the egg the very thing you like by partaking to only have the same phones over and over again, which at 9mm average are, without case, thicker than how your 6.9mm phone with a case is already too thick for you.
      That's called auto-Karma.

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        • 16 Dec 2021

        AnonD-909757, 16 Dec 2021https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrjwaqZfjIY Again, every... more1) larger sensor for periscope would make phone much thicker and nobody wants this. Xiaomi has 1/2" (8mm diagonal) and 11 Ultra has bizarre cam bump. Periscope with GN2 would make bump easily be 4-5mm thicker than it is already. My phone is 6.9mm, only the case already makes it too thick, pretty visible in my pocket.

        2) do you know how expensive microLED is? Let me tell, a simple 32" 540p panel from Samsung (used to make the wall) costs $15.000. The Samsung MicroLED tv is $95.000. The 16K resolution MicroLed wall from Sony costs $5.000.000 at least.

        3) Those phones like Z Fold are already heavy. Not even have 5.000mAh. With larger battery like 7.000, the phone would be heavy like an ipad. Are you gonna carry in your pocket phone that has over 400g?

        Do not compare phones with fancy cars. Thise hypercars like Bugatti Chiron have limited production and one simple unit sold already cover all costs. They only make units after they sell them. It is not like mainsteam products like phones that companies make and hope to sell enough.

        Samsung that sells over 300 million phones/tablets per year barely sells these foldable. What chances brands like Asus, HMD, HTC, Sony and Meizu would have? This is why they do not waste money with this kind of devices. They would not sell enough to pay the costs. Google even canceled the called Pixel Fold.

        Any brand can easily make a phone with 7" 4K HDR 10bit oled from Sharp (1-120Hz) 8000mAh, 200W charging, 100W Qi charging, USB 3.2, 1 TB SSD memory instead of ufs, graphite/vapor/copper cooling, triple GN2 cam system, titanium frame, IP68, gorilla victus front/rear, all 5G sub-6 and mmwave bands, xenon flash , glass lenses, SD 8 gen 1, 20GB ram ddr5.

        Be sure the Bill of Materials alone would pass $1100. Then this phone would end up near $3000 retail price outside USA (and more if sold by samsung or apple) Brand would be lucky to sell more than 1.000 units.

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          • 16 Dec 2021

          Anonymous, 15 Dec 2021Innovation of certain aspects are limited by many things. ... morehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrjwaqZfjIY

          Again, every market have diversity, this DOES include products that are super expensive.
          Based on your logic, supercars and hypercars wouldn't exist, nor designer cloths, nor expensive alcohol, nor luxury watches, nor high end computer hardware (internal like the Threadripper or external like optical switches keyboards).
          And this is something you'll still find in a LOT of markets, even when it is a product that only a few persons will ever buy and even if the margin on it isn't big.

          Again, the smartphone market is the exception, not the rule, and it is an awful exception.

          Designs : There are tastes for everything, I mean, c'mon, look at the Fiat Multipla which sold well...
          Cost : There are much more expensive phones than what you think, go watch luxury phones, there are more than just what Caviar does, there are buyers for the Sony Xperia Pro-I, they were buyers for the promising but disappointing Red Hydrogen One (they were sold out).
          Weight : Not everyone cares about weight, in fact there is a substantial number of people who would prefer to give a firm grip on a heavier phone as light feel cheap.
          Size : People said the same, that phones were too big, when they were 5", look where we are now, there is tastes for everything, I prefer 12mm thick phones and don't like thinner one, and I am far from the only one, there are some who prefer the rare 7mm thin phones,
          some want compact phones, other want something closer than a tablet, in fact some do use their tablet as a phone.
          Even something as big as Verizon has a tutorial on how to do so :

          *Since when wanting a good sensor that is able to capture a lot of light is a bad idea for a Telephoto?
          *MicroLED is a good tech for display, it has multiple advantages over Oled, why is it a weird demand?
          *Many do want phones with bigger battery, the weird ones are those wanting a small battery "because it has fast charging".
          *There are ways to do something like that, periscope have the advantage of getting a big length to width ratio, allowing moving lenses to indeed have a really wide focal length range, and wanting a big sensor with it makes senses, there are ways to actually output an image from a narrow periscope to a large sensor with minimal distortions.
          This reminds me of head mounted displays before VR headsets, they did use tiny displays, they were expensive because you needed a big pixel density, then, some had the idea to simply put bigger display and use a lens to fix the issue, it worked much better.
          I am not saying a single lens would do the job, but there are similar ways for doing such a thing.

          There are often people who think everything is impossible and are actually crippling the progress by constantly complaining and even trying to act against new tech because they think it isn't possible.
          Take any 2021 Flagship back only 10 years ago, everyone will say it is impossible, in fact, sometime even scientists and engineers say "it is impossible" when it actually turn out to be true, like the RD170 rocket engines :
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGr1UVNBDLs (6:40)
          Or like they said about the very real SpaceX's Raptor engines.
          The same was said about Jet Engines to Sir Frank Whittle when he worked on it.

          The issue is still the lack of diversity, I'd gladly take a phone with no expensive curved edge display, with a less expensive midrange (like the SD7xx) and a reasonable 6GB to 8GB of RAM, 1080p 60Hz regular Oled display, 30W or slower charging, and with high-end cameras.
          Some would actually take everything a flagship has to offer except the cameras, but because of the lack of diversity, caused by haters, there isn't such products.
          And even when there is, a SINGLE model isn't enough, it isn't because you have a thing or two matching your taste that the phone is exactly what you look for.

          Many projects were financially viable and still scraped because they now don't care about what people want and only make the same thing again and again, they only care about competing with other brands, even if it is a useless number war that give no meaningful advantages and that people don't want, like having 4 cameras but two of them being 2Mp rather than a much better triple camera with Wide, UltraWide and Telephoto.
          Or a 108Mp camera while the software isn't taking advantage of it, just because it sounds more impressive than 12Mp, which still give comparable results in many scenarios.

          Why not?
          MAINLY now that there are folding smartphones, it can have a lot of advantages, there are a lot of people still wanting slider and/or physical keyboards.
          There is literally not a single reason in the world why it shouldn't or couldn't happen, except the awful state of total lack of diversity of the Android market.

          Had LG not fail for UNRELEATED reasons, their explorer series would have brought incredible designs and perhaps kick-starting diversity again, the LG Wing was a super niche phones, and many say it was a fail, but is it?
          Since when do you need to sell millions of units to be successful? As long as it is profitable, it is a success, it was never expected to sell millions to begin with, and it has its problems too, LG wasn't a perfect brand.
          But their rolling display phone they planned after, it would have killed it, there are still more people wanting such phones over foldable phones, yet, despite actually being doable economically and technologically and to mass product it, there is none to be found.

          In fact, if you want to realize how much the smartphone OEMs are toying with peoples, just think about the amount of money wasted to make a singular OS per device, maintain and update it, while, Android actually support drivers, and they could EASILY make a unified core platform from the regular Android, working with drivers, so all phones would, like Windows and Linux computer does, simply use the proper drivers, from a SINGLE OS.
          This is a no-brainer, yet, they don't even care about it despite the big boost in productivity and cost it would bring.
          Probably only because there would be no excuses to only support 3 years of updates, and this despite the vast majority of customers already moving to another device within 2 years.
          There are so many things they could EASILY do, they just won't.
          One of the reason is greedy capitalism, the other is, when you can't figure out anymore what people want (which happen when everybody starts complaining about everything as if they were forced to buy it despite plentiful available other options) and shit on you whatever you do, you just do that.

          So, yes, it IS haters who, for the most part, caused this shitty situation.

            I applaud brands like Tecn9 for keeping things interesting. HTC and LG were unfortunately punished by consumers, so it is hard to find brands who are willing to do more than the minimum now (Sony doesn't count).

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              • 15 Dec 2021

              OhNom, 15 Dec 2021Sony used it a lot before, but I did not see anywhere that ... moreSony Semicon presented WRGB exmor in 2012.
              But only used as front cam of XZ1/XZ2P/XZ3.

              Huawei and Oppo had for rear camera.
              Now Oppo uses for selfie, the latest Reno.

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                • 15 Dec 2021

                Anonymous, 15 Dec 2021RGBW ??? What is old is new again 🤔 Huawei used it in th... moreFor example, in theory a WRGB 1/1.3" could have same light sensitivity of 1" if you remove the filter of half green photodiodes.
                It is easier and cheaper than using larger sensor.

                But any CFA different from RGGB can cause issues like loss of colour accuracy, less DR etc ..
                Main CFA is RGGB because our 👁👁 are.

                  Anonymous, 15 Dec 2021RGBW ??? What is old is new again 🤔 Huawei used it in th... moreSony used it a lot before, but I did not see anywhere that it is said that it is new technology, only that they used it maybe I lack reading comprehension

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                    • 15 Dec 2021

                    RGBW ??? What is old is new again 🤔

                    Huawei used it in the phones in 2017 and abandoned it in 2019 to again use RGB sensor

                    And now this old technolgy becoming new again?

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                      • 15 Dec 2021

                      AnonD-909757, 15 Dec 2021It IS haters. Where did I ever say that I thought it wou... moreInnovation of certain aspects are limited by many things. People need to stop with the " they should do it, they should charge N dollars for that at most".

                      The devices sold are never the best prototypes the OEMs worked on. Brands could offer much more but they are limited by : design, costs, weight, size etc ..

                      Comment session here is full of people with zero notion of technology costs and application.
                      This is why you see bizarre demands like Samsung Isocell GN2 for periscope, microLED screen on phone, Z Fold with 10.000mAh battery , periscope with 12-240mm with larger sensor like 1/1.5", nitrogen cooling, 100% graphene battery.

                      People imagine their ideal phone which bill of materials would surely pass $1200, but they want retail price of $800.

                      Many projects are dumped because they are not viable from financial point of view. No company is gonna bring product unless they are 100% sure they can sell enough to recover money invested and make profits.

                      End of 2021 and some people still think a new Xperia Play is gonna show up with same slider form factor. This will never happen.

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                        • 15 Dec 2021

                        Anonymous, 15 Dec 2021That is not haters. It is your illusion that phones are a... moreIt IS haters.

                        Where did I ever say that I thought it would get even close to cameras?

                        As I often say :
                        EVERY MARKET on the planet has diversity except the smartphone one, despite having one of the biggest potential for diversity (number of design, features, etc), and the smartphone market is the only one I know where systematically when even a SINGLE product not matching someone's taste or the trend they have to complain about it as if they were forced to buy X feature or Y design they don't like when it is clear it won't ever be mainstream.

                        YOU fall for the illusion that because the smartphone market only make the most capitalist, same design over and over again, same pool of features and same specs per price range products, that it is normal behavior, it is not, it is ONLY the case because they can't tell what is popular or not anymore because regardless what they do they have a constant stream of haters complaining about things they have absolutely no reasons to complain about.

                        If the smartphone market was behaving normally, it would have diversity, including in camera setup, thickness, price range, etc.
                        There ARE people buying thick phones, as much as people buying expensive phones.

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                          • 15 Dec 2021

                          AnonD-909757, 15 Dec 2021If haters don't kill it, smartphone's camera are ... moreThat is not haters.
                          It is your illusion that phones are any near compact cameras like RX100 series and will ever be any near pro cameras.

                          Nothing is gonna change as long the external design is huge priority. The thin form of current phones. Do not expect to see again something like K Zoom.
                          Design and costs are what keep phones behind pocket cameras.

                          If any brand again decides to compare phone with compact camera, would be nice if use same settings on both. Not the phone on tripod and shutter 4s while camera uses shutter 1/16s.

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                            • 15 Dec 2021

                            If haters don't kill it, smartphone's camera are about to become amazing!

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                              • 15 Dec 2021

                              Tecno looks like a future top brand. They're introducing some neat innovations.

                                Streamline your software first. Close to stock android or get in line with One UI. There is no other way around.