iSuppli: Samsung tops Nokia as the cellphone top dog in 2012

19 December, 2012
Meanwhile, Android is stronger than ever in China, with two-thirds of all smartphones there running the OS.

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  • Anonymous

Nokia stayed on top for 14 years. Samsung won't last there for even 2-3 years.

  • Kinetic Menace

Samsung with Android has taken over completely!! AWESOME!!!!

  • AnonD-88262

don't be jealous guys.
truth is truth.
peoples are buying Samsung because they are offering something better then others.
why Nokia leads in past 14 years because they are making some good and different devices.
but today market expecting some different then Nokia currently doing.
So Fact are Facts and truth is truth..
who make good devices will always lead.

  • Observer

I don't really mind the numbers as long as they build phones made to last the decades. its like buying Bmw's over Hyundai's, your buying a Bmw b'coz it is made to last. :)

  • Anonymous

Samsung is the best in everything.

  • AnonD-78683

Nokia is worthless i don't know how they were manage to be in the lead for all these years! The only explanation for that because most of companies didn't give too much thinking for cell phone market until 2005.
First Samsung punch for Nokia was Omnia i8910 which hurt Nokia so badly until today, and of course iPhone did also great job to reveal how outdated Nokia is.

I hope GSMarena be neutral and put Samsung on the top of the list now after this report.

  • AnonD-65890

so when is nokia getting out of the phone industry? the sooner the better...

  • AnonD-91058

bleep sucksung..dey make d worst fone ever..dey cant be compared to apple nokia htc..

  • Carol

AnonD-89381, 19 Dec 2012I just aware by reading this news that Nokia still make phones! ... moreNokia isn't just making phones, as others are doing. Nokia make good phones to. It's a difference!;). Your samyscrap makes 1 year maximum lasting garbage. I can hold to a Nokia 4 years then give it to my grandson and will still be a good phone;). So yes, Nokia still makes phones. To tell you the truth, i wonder how come samyscrap lasted this much with their garbage. But everything that goes up, must come down. Nokia is in the down period in smartphones market (only). Will come up again, cause Nokia means innovation while Samdung means copyallicanget in a plastic crapp;) and sell it to the herd cause that's the trend. Let's be serious. Every-time i go into a store i see kids asking their mothers to buy samdung (what do they know?) and adults looking at Nokia or icrap. Samdung is lucky with the kids from 10 to 20 years. Without kids samdung would have been in a hole of sh*t by now.

  • Anonymous

I ovn N9 from nokia, that's the best what I had from nokia after all that symbian phones, they are great and fuctonal, but N9 is muti-platformOS, but come Elop and destroyed complet Nokia company...that sucks really.
Few days back official Nokia sent me email ofering me free Nokia 920 winmo, they are insane they don't understand how much they hurt us with this changes, I don't give a$hit for their winmo phones.

  • itsfozzy

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2012Samsung not surprising, but Apple with just one model is truly s... moreAplle are still selling previous generation iPhones, so they will also be counted in the figures.

  • AnonD-83939

ikkie, 19 Dec 2012Definitely. As much I don't like Apple, one model (or a few hand... moreIt isn't. With Apple its two things, preference for OS and preference for status. One going for OS don't have many options. Those who go for status face the same situation. While, those who prefer Android, have too many options. For high end android smartphone, same story. So, what Samsung achieved is good. I prefer HTC though. Apple is bound to loose the battle. Sadly, they had a great OS (back in 2008). Which they turned into a pretty bad one, by keeping it Apple exclusive, and not working on it.

  • Anonymous

it's almost 2013 and this is a forecast:) for 2012, with a little luck we'll make it in the new year and we'll know the exact figures-it was more relevant at the begining of the year but...and where is sony:)?

  • ikkie

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2012Samsung not surprising, but Apple with just one model is truly s... moreDefinitely. As much I don't like Apple, one model (or a few handsets at most) sales being that high really is a proper achievement.

It's a shame HTC isn't up there as their build quality is top notch.

  • AnonD-49204

no they make bricks, cause they are heading into dinosaur age to revert back to rocks.

Btw are u paid by samsung hence ur name to troll?
Its news to me that u as a phone consumer do not know nokia makes phones.

  • AnonD-57802

Heads of to Samsung....we still believe that bokia will come up with android..................

  • Anonymous

Samsung not surprising, but Apple with just one model is truly stunning achievement.

  • AnonD-69442

samsung smashed it all the way... but apple did a great job since it doesnt make featurephones n still holds 3rd place overall n 2nd place in smartphones... i wonder how nokia is still in the list...

  • AnonD-89611

I wonder when will they(chinese) make fake windows phones

  • rynn

forecast again?

lmao.. Forecast has always predicting the fall of Nokia. but Nokia never fall.

iSuppli is an paid agent trying to bring down Nokia?