Samsung patent shows a funky device with a rollable and foldable display with adjustable angle

18 December 2021
And yes, that's one singular display panel that can do all of those things.

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  • Anonymous

Maybe they can use the foldable part as a game pad?

What were they smoking?

Motorola makes the best flip phone designs. The Razr 5G is the nicest foldable clamshell design I've seen. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series surpasses it because of specs and features like Flex mode.

I do believe Oppo made the best design for the foldable book form factor. Find N is a much better design than the Fold 3. Specs match up close enough. I actually play a lot of my games in 4:3 aspect ratio. So playing GameCube games would be perfect for a Find N when opened. Many old TV shows are also 4:3.

I think The Device should be called The Galaxy Wide View.

  • AnonD-1030868

Samsung is the house of innovation in the world
I hope they find a way for global warming and save us all
Plus they do a missile attack on Apple headquarter and save the customers from scammy apple

Another gimmick