Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4G acquires certificates ahead of global launch

20 December 2021
The phone received certifications in Singapore, Eurasian Economic Area.

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  • Abhishek

Denzel Gabriel, 21 Dec 2021Literraly a downgrade Im using a redmi note 10 (4g) It ... moreI am from India , I saw that in China mi launched the three mobiles redmi note 11, redmi note11pro and redmi note11 pro plus. Redmi note11 Pro plus is going to launch in India by changing its name to mi 11i hypercharge . But there is no news of redmi note11 pro and redmi note 11 launch in India. I want to buy it pro version, but there is no news of launching redmi note 11 pro in India. I am very excited to buy it because of its amoled display, JBL technology stereo speakers and iPhone like boxy design.

A better naming for it should be "Redmi Note 10 N" or "Neo" instead... and release the damn real Note 11 in April 2022!

When smartphone innovations become stagnant price drop also will become stagnant similar to the case of laptops

When Motorola switches to amoled with g31 and others, Xiaomi goes back to lcd

They should stop using useless 2mp camera. I wouldn't miss it if they removed it.

  • Denzel Gabriel

Literraly a downgrade

Im using a redmi note 10 (4g)
It has snapdragon 678
While redmi note 11 use snapdragon 660
Wtf i thought it would have at least snapdragon 720G or something higher than that

redmi note 10 uses amoled displays

And your telling me redmi note 11 will get LCD

And thirdly

Redmi note 10 comes with a 33watt charger in the box

Why the hell will the redmi note 11 comes with 18watt charger

This aint 2019
Look i get it its a sub $150 phone but come on
We going to be 2022 and we get these garbage specs

Tbh the amount of downgrades this phone has makes me laugh because the redmi note 9S is worth more than this sh!t

My reputation with xiaomi is ruined
Just because of that

What i expected was

Having a 64mp main camera

33watt or even 64 watt charger in box

128gb of standard storage
6gb ram

Snapdragon 765G or one of mediatek Dimensity chipsets

AMOLED screen of like 330ppi

Stereo speakers

In-display fingerprint sensor

All that spec itself can make the phone redmi Note 11 name worthy

But no
Xiaomi decided to downgraded the phone to the level of note 9 series

This doesnt feel like a 11 series

But one thing i like is the design overall of it
Nothing else

I just feel awkward that my redmi note 10 is far better than this prime redmi note 11

Time id switch brands

Im a guy who likes to play games such as the newly released PUBG newstate

Im saving up to buy a redmagic cause they are best value gaming phones

Really downgrade if redmi note 11 4G really has IPS LCD than amoled on redmi note 10 4G worldwide. I thought redmi note 11 series will have 5G variant worldwide. No more 4G phone. Maybe this redmi note 11 4G exclusive for Indian market. I don't know. I hope the global redmi note 11 series just like redmi note 11 series in China. Only 5G variant.

Anders, 20 Dec 2021No thanks Xiaomi. It's not 2019 anymore. No more 4g phonesI turn off 5g on my pixel anyhow it doesn't work correctly anyhow

  • Jojolion

Anders, 20 Dec 2021No thanks Xiaomi. It's not 2019 anymore. No more 4g phonesSorry but not every countries have stable 5g yet, so 4g still relevant. Only the down side is why xiaomi use sd680? Isn't sd680 just another sd662+, why don't use sd720 or MTK g96?

No thanks Xiaomi. It's not 2019 anymore. No more 4g phones

vfsgm39nt3clammd02g, 20 Dec 2021yes it is, Redmi Note 10 had AMOLED screen while Note 11 4G... moreSorry to hear that manufacturers manipulated you to believe that IPS is dim display technology

with them using one single pixel on the display to go as bright as possible then market it to the chumps that the phone has 1000 nits peak brightness lol

When in reality LCD is the brighter screen technology

But that's what happens when your in a smartphone display echoe chamber

  • Best

What a useless phone

  • vfsgm39nt3clammd02g

Jaya, 20 Dec 2021Isn't it downgrade from Redmi Note 10 4G?yes it is, Redmi Note 10 had AMOLED screen while Note 11 4G will have trashy dim IPS screen.

Possibly another Redmi 10 series device outside of China.

  • Jaya

Isn't it downgrade from Redmi Note 10 4G?