OnePlus 10 Pro launch confirmed for January 2022

21 December 2021
OnePlus founder Pete Lau confirms the news on Weibo.

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  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 21 Dec 2021What happened to OnePlus? Their phones always used to have ... moreNow, more and more devices may be just oppo remebranded or slightly modified (different camera setup and colours).

What happened to OnePlus? Their phones always used to have some appeal to them, but that went missing since 9 series. Upcoming 10 series seem just as bland.

Is this why Carl Pei left the company?

Can't wait for Frankie tech or Ben to review this

Oneplus more like OneUgly mf

They will advertise 5g but actually 5g will not work. Look for losers elsewhere...
We can get Oppo if we want a phone with ColorOS

  • Anonymous

Pumpino, 21 Dec 2021Hopefully OOS 12 isn't as buggy as on the OP9. Why ... morenaaah

  • gringo

1440p is a battery killer on all phones : xiaomi & samsung dropped that ... waste of money and strategy by OP

JackDopey, 21 Dec 2021Aye aye to that mate, aye aye to that. I secretly hoped the... moreWhat I don't get is how the Oppo Find X2 Pro had 5x periscope, so you'd think all future Oppo flagship phones and perhaps some OnePlus flagships as well, would have a periscope. But no! Find X3 Pro has a sad 2x zoom instead. And IIRC the rumors say the Find X4 is sticking to 2x... So disappointing. If someone wants good zoom on their smartphone the only REAL choice is Samsung or Xiaomi. Maybe Huawei if you can deal with lack of GMS. Is periscope zoom really such an expensive component? I don't get it! 8MP 3x should be a thing of the past by now.

Ram Parab, 21 Dec 2021if this is the design..... big no from me.It's actually good compared to other upcoming devices.

I got the OnePlus 9 Pro 12/256 for around 700 USD, and I am pretty sure the 12/256 GB of 10 Pro would cost about 1050 USD, with the minor upgrades such as updated processor, better selfie, totally not worth it, better to buy S22 or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • Anonymous

Why are they still sticking with Hasselblad branding? Did they contribute to the physical camera unit tuning this time around or it is still the same "software tweak" like OnePlus 9?

  • Anonymous

Why not 16GB ram? Is it that hard?

if this is the design..... big no from me.

  • Anonymous

Forget it

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JackDopey, 21 Dec 2021Not just that. But also the lackluster heat / battery manag... moreEvery manufacturer should have just capped 888 from the get go in order to deal with the heat. It's such a horrible chipset a disgrace for both QC and Samsung. Extra performance it offers compared to previous generation is all canceled by the heat and battery hogging. New one is not going to be any better anyway.

  • Anonymous

will probably cost 1500 euro... lol flagship price

notafanboy, 21 Dec 2021Not interested in a flagship that doesn't even have pe... moreAye aye to that mate, aye aye to that. I secretly hoped they'd do something great with the cameras. But with Carl Pei gone, all you can expect is stingy, sordid OPPO tactics from Pete Lau.

MilesPrower1, 21 Dec 2021well its hard to increase battery capacity or make cooling ... moreWell, average consumers don't buy flagships. They buy Redmi Notes or OnePlus Nords.

Not interested in a flagship that doesn't even have periscope. Cmon OnePlus.

  • TerminatorJump

So OP is re-using the already obsolete 8mp 3.3x zoom that ALL and yes ALL reviews in the world bashed? when the likes of Samsung and Google are using much better zooms?