It is time for another phone revolution

02 January 2022
The smartphone is dead! The bar form factor has reached its peak a while ago and now we've come to a standstill.

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  • IJK
  • 13 Jan 2022

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022the same author chose as his top 2021 phones the same old s... moreThe pro is nothing special and 2 to 8 years behind competition while choosing 2-5x as much as other devices.

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    • BM{
    • 09 Jan 2022

    the same author chose as his top 2021 phones the same old same old, with at most a honourable mention to the flip.
    If the Intelligentsia wants different phones they should support different phones, be it the surface duo 2, the Xperia Pro which are cool devices for specific niches.
    but noooo... let's yap on the latest iphone and fetishize different form factors without actually supporting them

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      • Neil
      • 64U
      • 04 Jan 2022

      Its a very funny article, the next big thing that I have no idea what it is. 😂 😂

        It is time for something but i don't know what it is. Brilliant.

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          • GeoKnows
          • gLK
          • 04 Jan 2022

          So true, but as long as we buy the better cameras and cpus they gonna sale more

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            • 4QM
            • 04 Jan 2022

            507AMS, 04 Jan 2022...the only company who dared to do something different was... moreThe only? Come on now.

              ...the only company who dared to do something different was LG...I loved that's sad and bad for mobile tech world not having an LG other company had the "guts" to offer phones with a particular proposal & style....I loved the V20 phone....I love the LG Wing style....there will be no other company like LG...miss you bro!!!!!

              do you want a phone revolution???? bring LG back to life!!!!!!

                pangolinpanda, 03 Jan 2022We need a software revolution. The Android/IOS duopoly is g... moreActually it is worse than boring. They are both unsuited for the size of phablets they are used for. One hand operation is impossible with these UIs (unless you want to disable major parts of the display),

                We need a radically different UI where the whole screen is used for display, but only the reachable part is needed for user-interaction.
                For backward compatibility with existing apps, some eye-tracking cursor and action by squeezing the device.

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                  • George
                  • 3d6
                  • 04 Jan 2022

                  Max, 03 Jan 2022Question is what's gonna be the purpose of the new for... moreYou're right Max. "form follow function".

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                    • Supreme Noob
                    • y2k
                    • 04 Jan 2022

                    Revolutions back in the past have all came at affordable price. These years, flagships were more and more pricey and that I moved to midrange. Even an old galaxy z flip is not in my range right now. I'm not ready, not anymore..

                      If I want to see another phone revolution, I'd focus on battery technology. While smartphones are getting more and more powerful, battery technology remains unchanged with little to no improvement. Frankly, the last thing I ever want to experience is low battery usage.

                        Note 20 Ultra, 02 Jan 2022So long Apple is the leader in this segment in terms of bus... moreLets not forget why Huawei had sanctions placed on them.
                        Shady business practices.

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                          • Vikyyykaal
                          • GQi
                          • 04 Jan 2022

                          I think they should put a camera that can explore the universe, stars, galexies, our solar system. Everyone will be an astronomar. Imaging how much we can find out if we give space telescope in everyone's hand

                            Come on, guys... we are not holding phones in our pockets anymore since a long time ago... we are carrying miniature computers, and they are so freaking powerful. In fact, we all know that the last used function on our nowadays gadgets is actually the Phone app. What are you even talking about?

                            Do you want to hold an actual "phone"? Get back in the '80s, '90s. Period. Obviously, technology will change over the years into the world of sci-fi movies. Let the technology write its course and stop complaining. If you are so nostalgic about it go ahead and buy real phones.

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                              • Shashank nayak
                              • YMt
                              • 04 Jan 2022

                              I see " smartchips "

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Kx6
                                • 04 Jan 2022


                                it is said ...
                                a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed

                                are we REALLY owned our own life information?

                                why all the superheroes stories picturing that the superheroes understand that the government need to control or disect them in the name of marketing of human rights, disadvantages of public to have individual super power, that magnnitude of power MUST BE CONTROLED by government ... and ... which government in planet earth, or in any universes to the most extended imagination, truly from people and for people ???

                                - non user removable battery
                                that means, letting background processes to run while the phone is off, mic camera and data transmission can be silently accessed

                                - no 3.5 mm plug
                                if all things are digitally transfered, its just matter of processing capabilities to brute force to decrypt the data transfered, after all, the encryption algorithm is all standardized

                                - wireless charging
                                is the charger 100 percent never be attached by cable ??? definitely not !!! to some point, even the portable ones, need cable, that also means ... CAN BE ... data transmission

                                - multiple cameras
                                yo hey ... we are getting smarter ... we can measure distance and virtually renders the picture faster and more alive !!! really ??? group picture for counting how many pimples at our friends face ??? or which one more logical ... pimples on faces looks more alive ... or ... recreating 3d environment for forensic and defense purposes ??? watch marvel studios iron man 3 to understand bigger pictures

                                near 8 billion human on this blue earth, how many percent of population that actually constantly monitor data in and out of their device?

                                permission to use mic, camera, clipboard, storage, surely they are required by law to ask permission before use ... BUT ... what kind of data every single bit that human can monitor in and out and for what purpose ??? no one has the patience to do so

                                universal core design ??? punch hole, multiple cameras, no 3.5 mm plug, faster cpu and gpu, non user removable battery, all are design for people to buy spying gadget instead of installing costly spying gadget on the street, just flood the market with no choice and make the market proudly brag about it

                                watch minority report

                                the industries are also suffers because of pressures from the invisible force to dictate what when and how gadgets must be released ... and ... the government cant do things because the benefits provided to easily control the information ... and ... the standards institutions cant do things becausw their jobs are to standardized everything ... and ... the market are forced to consume the unwanted gadgets

                                this is the works of elite few with astronomical resources

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                                  • Murthy
                                  • U{1
                                  • 04 Jan 2022

                                  pangolinpanda, 03 Jan 2022We need a software revolution. The Android/IOS duopoly is g... moreYes your are correct it's so boaring. We need a os that allow us to fully customize and able to desing our own thems and allow us to place the options as user required.

                                    Ummmmmm,,,,,the flip and folding smartphone ring a bell GSMA??

                                      We need a software revolution. The Android/IOS duopoly is getting boring.

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                                        • I love Game
                                        • KZK
                                        • 03 Jan 2022

                                        Phone revolution? It where pc game can play on phone. And no, not emulator, but official phone platform, pc alike graphic. Now that is phone revolution i will be waiting.