It is time for another phone revolution

02 January 2022
The smartphone is dead! The bar form factor has reached its peak a while ago and now we've come to a standstill.

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  • Anonymous

I want a phone with satellite connectivity like satellite phones. With One single camera which is capable of taking DSLR like pics with all the lens tricks(ultra wide, wide, telephoto) and I'd like to see a handy phone instead of huge phones. With good chipset and Ram and stuff basics.

  • Travis999

The last real game changers were the early HTC Boomsound phones, everybody improved their audio quality, but proper stereo pair front facing speakers are hard to find again now, because everybody is using wireless buds etc now, decent audio now only found on pricey gaming phones.
Phones full of camera modules now, so no room for decent speakers, or big batteries.
App markets existed before apple, they just the first to sucker sheeple into paying apple money everyday for life, instead of just once.
Phones by now should be true personal pc's, many now have laptop specs, but none work that well as one, time for another stab at an Atrix type device.

  • Anonymous

Nexus One, 02 Jan 2022Lately, I've just been paying attention to Elon Musk. ... moreRecall of tons of his cars in China.
Soon all other makers jump to electric, tesla will be over.

  • Id10t

Here's a revolutionary idea - IP68 phones that are crush resistant as standard. Basically phones that last twice the warranty period at least?


  • kek

I, for once, would love to see a Nokia E7 keyboard design approach once again. I remember that writing and playing on mine was good and it kept the screen clear of your fingers.

I remember 20 years ago, the most addictive thing to do with our cell phones was texting. This was before cameras started appearing on our phones. Then it became selfies and going online. The latter is still the most addictive part of our phone usage.

  • Soren

Tesla: I m coming apple and samsung

  • Anonymous

>So, the first step towards the next big thing is us wanting it. We need to realize that the bar form factor as is has lost its momentum and it's time for a change, whatever that is.
Not really. The very fact that you want "something" but don't know what it is is testament to that. Phones are just tools. Phones are already garbage (all of them) obsolete from factory e-waste pos devices with a mere 6 months life span and this sort of mentality will only aggravate that. If anything this c@ncerous market needs to crash taking the chinese with them so we can reevaluate and rethink that is the purpose of a phone in the first place and how they can be detrimental to society.

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  • It

Victorkci, 02 Jan 2022You don't know what you are saying. Respect how far ph... moreI guess u didnt get what he wrote it seems u didnt read it read it again and remember that u also writting after innovations he asked for i hope u read it again and understand that he asks for more innovation like b4 when we had just landline then mobile phone

  • Duan

Is not yet perfected since even the newest phones hindered by throttling which crippled the performance. We need a phone with passive cooling and not always hot. Also there's still issues like the oled burn-in and need to replace that old oled tech. I'd say current phones only deliver about 30% far from its perfection.

  • Anonymous

And the sad part is that aside from maybe soc and couple things phones could be better in numerous areas than they are now even 5 years ago.
But greed and complacency.
Like cameras. The 808 is still hard to beat and it's from 2012! The battle a few months back showed that in some ways its still besting today's top performers. Even whoever on this site wrote the article said otherwise the results themselves spoke for themselves.
So just imagine what a sensor like that could do now or even back in 2015 with updated ois, lense, and hardware.
40 1.4um pixels versus the 12 1.4um ones or recent 12 1.8um ones.

And that's just one aspect that has had 10 years to develop and has barely been touched in favor of marketing gimmicks and profit.

  • Anonymous

The smartphones, like cars, TV sets (a picture on the
wall), or Boeings in the air, have reached their perfect
form factor. And nobody wants transparent cars or
foldable high speed trains.
May be only the batteries in the smartphones need
other, "unflamable" and longlasting materials.

I don't really see us leapfrog in any area except for maybe battery life which I know OEMs won't try to improve so we are pushed to upgrade every few years.

We have reached our peak with phones which is also the same case with video games. Everything is generally the same thing. Looks the same. Functions the same. Maybe you can flip it close but how you use it is similar to a slab.

Techtubers are just splitting hairs with these homogenized phones. We have upgrades that are no longer meaningful. The rollables and tri-folds will bring nothing practical. Some will fall in love with their novelty briefly but it will get boring like everything else in tech once they become common.

Nexus One, 02 Jan 2022Lately, I've just been paying attention to Elon Musk. ... moreLOL

Event Horizon, 02 Jan 2022I visit GSMArena everyday and it’s always an announcement o... moreIf only we could make our phones ourselves. But then we won't enjoy what it means to be a consumer and a customer

Nexus One, 02 Jan 2022People should check out Arun Maini's (Mrwhosetheboss) ... moreYou don't know what you are saying. Respect how far phone technology . You wouldn't be here to type this without a phone in the first place. Besides every good thing can be used for bad things too so let it be.

  • Anonymous

What I want to see more in 2022.

- phones with single large cam instead of multi cam (mainly the clamshell foldables)
- keyboard like BlackBerry Key/Key 2
- all storage options 32, 64, 128, 256, 512.
- jack, dual sim (non-hybrid slot), micro sd
- more expensive phones with LCD again (it lasts more)

Simple these huge high end ultra phones need a PKB.