It is time for another phone revolution

02 January 2022
The smartphone is dead! The bar form factor has reached its peak a while ago and now we've come to a standstill.

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  • 02 Jan 2022

507AMS, 02 Jan 20221) that's because of taxes & import cost. Even of ... moreLATAM does not work like USA.

When I say unlocked phones, are devices bought on internet and regular stores. It is not like USA where most people get phones at T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Minimum wage in USA is above the price of S21+.
Minimum wage for example in Brazil is worth 16% of the price S21+ costed.

Companies charge more in 3rd world nations because they know governments do nothing to protect costumers from abusive moves done by big corps. Taxes do not make the $1100 iphone 13 pro max becomes $2000.
Also big corporations know people are greedy and still gonna pay whatever they charge.

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    • 02 Jan 2022

    The problem is that we've forgotten it's a phone. It should be able to make a call when needed. So we have advanced so much that we left that main item to 1% attention and 99% of stuff takes all the battery and money. Then you're stuck in a situation with your $$$$ phone with either battery dead or OS stuck so much that you can't make a call. Come on! It's a phone. The primary progress and advancement should be in that vertical. How better and Reliable can you make the "Communication" for the next generation?

      I actually believe we have the battery technology to have a phone to last much longer. Look up graphene batteries. But OEMs don't want to use them because they want us to keep upgrading. A sealed, degraded battery is their key to planned obsolescence.

      I'm at a point in my life where I want to use my phones for at least 10 years. That's insane because I usually upgrade after 2 years. But I don't see the meaningful improvements any more. Techtubers are just splitting hairs comparing like it's the Spider-Man meme.

      Even video games, there really hasn't been drastic improvements since the mid-90s. Nintendo tried motion controls. Sony is doing VR. But most modern games play like previous gens but with prettier graphics. Same old thing with a fresh new paint.

        Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022Latin America is total different from USA/Canada. I have ... more1) that's because of taxes & import cost. Even of that you can get good options for under $500. Same as USA.
        2) this is a mandatory regulation. You can port your number to the carrier that feed your needs.
        3) Same as U.S cities like: St Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Indianapolis and many more.
        4) wrong!!! Many banks and cellphone reselles offers payment facilities to all brands including Iphone 12 or 13 & Samsung S20 S21.

          Its time for another revolutionary OS than Android or iOS. There are only minor upgrades each year. And world has been captured in these two OSes atleast for a decade. But unfortunately even if there's a company working behind it, Google will definitely buy it under its brand and after few years people will praise google. Just like how android wasn't a Google innovation.

            People should check out Arun Maini's (Mrwhosetheboss) about his worries for humanity's future from 2.5 months ago. He made so many excellent points from his commentary on modern society.

            I actually admire people who AREN'T addicted to phones or going online in general. These people can live a real life like it's the 1990s again. Does it matter if our battery technology improves by weeks? Just more time wasted going online leaving comments on sites like this. Smartphones are just portals for us to waste more time online.

            Smartphones have actually trained us to be more alone. That's why Millennials and Zoomers are the loneliest generation with barely little human interaction or little to no friends in real life. Phones are de-humanizing us.

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              • 02 Jan 2022

              "we will push the companies to take the next step. And the next. And the next one."
              I laughed out loud while remembering the UDC technology not yet ready at this time.
              While Apple actually moved more backward since Steve died. No new technology just stuck with Notch and USB Lightning Port And continue to eliminate some simple essential functions for the sake of money.
              Don't tell me about wireless audio is an innovation if its latency hasn't matched even passing through the cable.

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                • 02 Jan 2022

                507AMS, 02 Jan 2022Most selling phones in USA 2021: iPhone 13, iPhone 7 Plu... moreLatin America is total different from USA/Canada.
                I have friends there. I know how stuff works there.

                1) phones are overpriced. Cheap phones are at least 20% more than North America, while flagships at least 50% more expensive.
                2) majority of devices sold are unlocked, not sold through carriers.
                3) many avoid expensive phones because of high crime rates.
                4) most cannot even afford devices better than Galaxy A52, Moto G60. Even these 2 examples cost more than most people make monthly.

                Volume sold does not translate into money.
                Apple would still make more money even if selling 1/3 of what is sold now.

                For some is interesting tons of cheap devices, to other better selling less of expensive devices. Just different types of business.

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                  • 02 Jan 2022

                  Back in the days , because technology was at it’s starting point we could have a lot of innovation and tech. Leap every year but these days we are reaching the peak of what we can do and thats the main reason you can not see any significant change.
                  In my opinion it will be this way for next decade wether we like it or perhaps not but there is nothing nothing major we can do about it
                  Too bad but it is what it is

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                    • 02 Jan 2022

                    Hudinited, 02 Jan 2022How about combining the future and the past? In terms of th... moreThe zoom system would not be smaller.
                    K Zoom uses 1/2.3".
                    Imagine a 24-240mm using 1/1.2".
                    This will never happen.

                      We live in an era where material things like this matter when they shouldn't be. I want to live to see humans live on Mars or have our consciousness be stored online. But all I'll see is us playing with phones all day and going on TikTok.

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                        • 02 Jan 2022

                        The truth about development of smartphones is, that we've reached some technological peak.
                        Every new chip generation is less revolutionary to previous one.
                        The most problematic are now batteries. Since introduction of Li-ion batteries there were just a minor changes and there is no new inventions on horizon in a near future.
                        Also on camera side we've reached some peak, because you cannot simply put tiny glass lenses on large camera sensor. Theoretically is possible but for a cost of quality. Play with software and pixels will not resolve it.
                        Until we do not introduce new (better) materials, till then we will stucked with minor technological improvements.

                          Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022Go check what are the best selling phones in these regions.... moreMost selling phones in USA 2021:

                          iPhone 13, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus ($500-$900)
                          Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Galaxy A52 5G ($500-$900)

                          More than 80% of selling units were done using a monthly payment plans. At the end the same trend in Latin America (a lot of people buying a flagship phone using financing plans). for those who does not apply for financing or do not want to break their pockets has plenty of good options under $500USD.Tthis is the main difference with USA, lack of options for under $500USD. People only have mind for Iphones & Samsungs.

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                            • 02 Jan 2022

                            Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022A flip phone is not a revolution. It’s just an old design r... moreThe flip phones of today are not like the flip phones of the past but foldables actually in the flip form factor. Get your own facts right first lol

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                              • 02 Jan 2022

                              How about combining the future and the past? In terms of the camera i would love to bring back s4 zoom or k zoom type of camera. Nowadays it could be much thinner and lighter. About screen i vote for a foldable form factor like z flip but a bit wider, as it gives protection when falling out from your pocket, also, if you drop it from hand, it will likely fall on back, similarly if you drop a slice of bread with nutella fall always at nutella side, weight of the hinge actually could do it. In terms of battery give us a graphite already at least in phones... with that kind of battery, much more can be added on. Lets agree that for example, putting a projector in phone (like galaxy beam does) would be thin enough but it would force manufacturers to put smaller battery in already a power hungry device as todays flagship, losing a whole day autonomy for sure.
                              For me the battery is the main reason that inovation cant happen that easy. We have reached thermal and power consumption limits of handheld devices for sure. If we cannot solve power supply, we cannot expect much more. Remember nokias which lasted a whole week without a charging? At 300mah? It's just because lack of features sensors and apps that drain your battery. I think that we're hitting the limits in 2~3 years and something will be forced to change. Os, components or batteries it doesn't matter.

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                                • 02 Jan 2022

                                People do not understand that limitations are : size, weight and cost.

                                Brands have prototypes much better than the retail devices, they do not become final version because not always worth from the financial point of view. They could easily add some interesting stuff, but phones would be much thicker and heavier than they are already.

                                See those 18.000mAh phones from Energizer that never got sold (they did not sell their foldable as well), phone has near 4cm thickness and more way more than 300g.

                                Yes, phones can last whole day. It is you using the phone too much.

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                                  • 02 Jan 2022

                                  Event Horizon, 02 Jan 2022I visit GSMArena everyday and it’s always an announcement o... moreTotally agree. And they do not pay any attention to other OS's than iOS or Android. There are also Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, e etc. And they could do some technology based interviews with chip and component manufacturers.

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                                    • 02 Jan 2022

                                    507AMS, 02 Jan 2022wrong!!!!! take a look to the economics indicators about Ch... moreGo check what are the best selling phones in these regions.

                                    China : except iphones, most popular devices are all sub-$500.
                                    India : redmi note and realme
                                    Latam : Galaxy M, Galaxy A and Moto G

                                    Sales of Galaxy S are decreasing, while A and M become more popular. This is why Samsung is desperate and cutting costs (ODM phones, mediatek chips, boe screen, plastic back on flagships) to compensate lower profits.
                                    Single unit of S Ultra or Fold brings much more money than selling many A or M.

                                    Flooding market with sub-$250 devices is not viable unless any OEM can really make them at low cost like no more than $60-80/device. Not all OEM can do it.

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                                      • 02 Jan 2022

                                      Not a phone revolution, the communication revolution. Take the phones out of these devices. Even connecting with text and voice calls, most people use other apps that honesty better job.
                                      Think of making a device, not a phone.

                                        Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022You list has only places where people buy low ends. wrong!!!!! take a look to the economics indicators about China, India and some countries in Latin America....before pandemic times those regions were leading the GDP growth (bigger than USA) industries migration to those countries still going on...every year there are more new rich people than any other need to read!!!