2021 Winners and Losers: OnePlus

08 January 2022
OnePlus announced some big changes in 2021, some of them are polarizing.

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  • Sandeep

Did you review H mode of one plus 9 pro or just use Auto mode ? .

  • Nandakumar

Oneplus is number one company I am happy using my lovely mobile oneplus 9 Pro

After owning 5 different OnePlus phones over the years, I'm now a Pixel 6 owner , no plans to return with their current direction.

  • Anonymous

Already OneMinus phone, forgotten already

  • Tatobem

I have had the 8 pro for about a year now. Hardware wise, it is difficult to beat. Even compared to phones coming out this year. The camera software could use improvement. Updates could also be better. Overall, I enjoy my phone and intend to hold onto it another year or two at least. I doubt I will be buying another One Plus phone after this though. Probably will buy my first Pixel at that point.

  • Robolots

OnePlus, once a great concept, now lost in a sea of mediocrity

  • Bigmike88

Hello Life, 10 Jan 2022I myself am 7t pro user.. Everything you said about 8 .. i ... moreI have Nord 10 5 g camera could be alot better fix your update this phone not getting 12;y

Fizz, 10 Jan 2022Umm I myself have an OnePlus 8 and in the one and a half ye... moreI myself am 7t pro user.. Everything you said about 8 .. i feel the same about my phone.. I am dying to sell it off

Pumpino, 08 Jan 2022There's been a lot of discussion about OOS being dead ... moreFirstly and most importantly now it looks ugly. If I want Oppo's Color OS or a Merged ROM that resembles Color OS, I would a Realme phone and Oppo Find series what's OnePlus that others two don't.
Most people chose og Oxygen OS 5 and 9 due to its identicality with vanilla Android with some extra useful goodies. Now it's a whole different thing.

“As for the aesthetic itself, OxygenOS 12 doesn't use Google's new Material You design, instead retaining the design language from ColorOS” - Android Central

If a pear look like Apple, would you it an apple?

Well I had moved from Custom ROM (primarily Lineage OS) on a budget friendly Xiaomi to OnePlus only due to the fluidity and smoothness in operating Oxygen OS 5 and 9. Now all of the greatness of Oxygen OS is in vain and it has become a fork ROM of Color OS. Soon it will be history, after its replacement, Color OS will take place, running in every phone OnePlus.
So, moral of the story is as OnePlus shifted their original motive and changed Oxygen OS so do I. I will go back to where I was at first, to Custom ROMs and budget friendly Xiaomi.

Motorola is very slow to provide timely Android updates and that's quarterly security patches.

  • Fizz

Hello Life, 09 Jan 2022One of the best? Are you out of your mind? 108H endurance i... moreUmm I myself have an OnePlus 8 and in the one and a half years I've owned it, it has never stuttered even once no matter what game or task you throw at it. Battery backup is great and what's even more great is the charging speed. The Display is excellent and compatibility for 90Hz is great as well. Only thing that saddens me is the software. OxygenOS11 was not a good change compared to 10 and now that they've integrated with ColorOS I'm hoping for the worst.

Well as i know one plus they did not said last word and they will not.
They will be a lot better than year before and year after they will be a lot better than year now.
Thats one plus.
Compared to competition and competitors they dont need to copy and paste just be themselves.

Nord 2 is a great phone for the price. Plus 3 year support.

  • Anonymous

OxygenOSisSheet, 08 Jan 2022OxygenOS is the worst Android skin on the planet. I wish I ... moreUsername checks out, but besides MIUI on the 9 Pro, there are custom ROMs too

  • ashish soni

forhad-61, 09 Jan 2022Loser: OxyzenOS. Like that xDI like display and oxygen os very smoth

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022Take a look at OnePlus 8 battery backup. It's one of t... moreOne of the best? Are you out of your mind? 108H endurance isn’t out of this world.. specially in 2020 it was just above average.. oneplus 8 was a complete downgrade compared to oneplus 7T .. Worse cameras.. display issues.. no wireless charging.. no ip rating..

Loser: OxyzenOS.
Like that xD

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022strange there's not one mention of the exploding Nord ... morewow, you are right. I only checked gsmarena recently for the phone-related news so I completely missed this. It's definitely suspicious that gsmarena decided not to report on that.

  • Mayuri Rokade

Winner :- Oneplus Nord Series. I feel that the Nord
lineup is gradually becoming the main
lineup for Oneplus....

  • Anonymous

Jru Gordon, 09 Jan 2022because it never happenedIt never happened in the rock you live under. But yeah in real life it happened