Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy pictured in the wild, 1TB variant is coming

29 December 2021
Samsung will match Apple's elite with a 1TB Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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  • Meku

How much?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1030998, 30 Dec 2021Bruh they obviously did, idk why are you replying that they... moreIf you read the whole thing it was easily understood they meant not having one same as the 21. Very easily. Extremely easily understood.

  • Doni

Hianto, 30 Dec 2021Look like Galaxy note model. Looks like no more note series

  • omcho88

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021V60 has best 8K design is copied from lg velvet 2 pro

  • Dainiux13

Note 20 ultra looks even nicer than this one, back in the past, with this design

  • Kris

AJ, 30 Dec 2021I just like the S21 ultra better than this one. They really... moreAgree

  • Hianto

Look like Galaxy note model.

  • AJ

I just like the S21 ultra better than this one. They really nailed the S21 Ultra with that two tone design.

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 30 Dec 2021Not really. Higher bit depths help improve things like imag... moreYou need sensor to be 18bit.

You cannot take a 18bit photo or record 18bit video using 12bit sensor.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021It's gonna be a dust magnet in between so many protrud... moreIf you complain something like that. You probably complain about everything in life.

  • Alpha

Looks very similar to older Sony designs, XZ, XZ1 era..

Loving its Minimalist and Elegant Design. This design with that Red Wine color looks pure class... Cant wait, hope we get the Snapdragon Variant (coz exynos s"cks)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021Fat ass phone. I miss when phones were thin.Yeah my S6 Edge was very thin but battery life was joke. My A52 is fat but battery life is superb.

It's like Sony Xperia XZ1 has fused with Samsung Galaxy A32.

  • Anonymous

It's gonna be a dust magnet in between so many protruding camera circles. Such an impractical design!

  • AlienKiss

No SD card slot = NO BUY! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

Hello Sony! ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ’‹

PS We're asking for a secondary partition (as in having 2 hard drives)

Nkulu, 30 Dec 2021What do you mean I think the design is great. But still I w... moreI also think it's ugly. I'm taking about camera part. Bit in my opinion everything that has more than 3 cameras will look bad and cheap. It must be symmetrical in order to look good. In my opinion Oppo Find N's camera looks absolutely perfect.

Samsung is developing a Triple Gain Sensor. I hope they keep the pixels large (around 2.1 microns), and leave it at 12MP (or 13MP). It should be sufficient for both good 4k HDR, as well as good 12MP photos. Plus, with cleaner pixels and less noise pressing to higher MPs should be much easier, and plus the video quality coild be class leading. Larger pixel could help add another stop of dynamic range.

'This is from the Image Sensor Blog:

2022 Electronic Imaging Symposiumย is to be held on-line starting January 16:
"World's first 16:4:1 Triple Conversion Gain sensor with all-pixel AF for 82.4dB Single Exposure HDR,
ChangHyun Park, HongSuk Hong, EunSub Shim, JungBin Yun, and KyungHo Lee,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Republic of Korea)".

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021To take advantage of the 18-bit ISP, phones need 18-bit sen... moreNot really. Higher bit depths help improve things like image noise, which in turn makes for better low light, higher dynamic range and generally.more detailed and more pleasing images.
Also, new HDR algorithms not only improve low light and dynamic range, they also improve the actual details in the images and also increase bit depth by pressing bit-depth. Something unheard of, until very recently.

  • AnonD-1030998

Narazumono, 29 Dec 2021He never said it does Bruh they obviously did, idk why are you replying that they did not.. ,,if it doesn't have an SD cart slot LIKE S21 SERIES..."