Oppo certifies three phone designs with rear displays

27 December 2021
We may or may not see these in real life.

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  • AnonD-909757

Narazumono, 28 Dec 2021A 2nd screen will just unecessarily drain the battery twice... moreIs it that hard to understand that when someone says they want a design, it doesn't mean ALL PHONES should have said design?

I couldn't care less about battery or breaking, the second display will ONLY be turned on when I need it, and it will be under a case anyway.
Those who mind those points can simply buy something else, there are no reasons to point out those as if it should never be implemented in any phones.

  • Scott

Goddess Lyrienne, 28 Dec 2021Yisss~~~ Just make the back display interactive, and "... moreNo it's not lol it's pointless

ob, 28 Dec 2021Meizu Pro 7Yisss~~~
Just make the back display interactive, and "Drag-in" possible. it's PERFECT.

  • AnonD-1030998

Now that is ugly back design in the middle, no one can change my mind 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Carol

Useless tech for useless people. This is what happens when chinese "brands" copypaste from other brands and overtake their sales. The other innovate less and less and the crappy brands have nothing to steal anymore and with no ideas, cause they were from the beginning a bunch of thieves, they start to put 300 displays and 30 "selfie" cameras.

AnonD-909757, 28 Dec 2021Why not? It is MUCH BETTER than the punch hole, notch, und... moreA 2nd screen will just unecessarily drain the battery twice as much and make you worry about it breaking, you would have 2 screens to worry about. This is not to say that notches or punch holes are good, i hate them with a passion, but we need a better solution

  • Zawali

ob, 28 Dec 2021Meizu Pro 7 Meizu Pro 7 Plus was released 2017, August

Why no mention of nubia x and nubia z20?

Meizu Pro 7

  • jas dubai

GrahamD, 27 Dec 2021Just being back a 3.5mm port instead of a useless rear display.he meant to say "BRING BACK'

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021I don't think they're ever going to bring back th... moreAnd that's the problem, the smartphone community is the ONLY community I've ever seen where people are more focused on asking for features to be removed while there are absolutely no reasons why phones with and phones without said feature could coexist.
It is also the only market in the world that has such a huge lack of diversity, and this is despite being one of the market who have the biggest potential for diversity thanks to all the designs, features, options and other possibilities there are.

Android used to be different from Apple, thanks to being from multiple brands, and each brand having many different mobiles, but nowadays:
*All Android are approximately the same size.
*49% with a punch hole, 49% with a teardrop notch, and the rest with what is left.
*If it is a high end or a flagship it has no SD card slot and no 3.5mm Jack.
*Flagship have mandatory curved edge display.
*If it is anywhere from high end down to entry level, except for top end and flagships, it has big chances to have 2Mp depth and macro.
*SoC is always linked to options, no more powerhouse with little options or photography or cheap camera phone, it is either full everything or almost nothing.
Etc, etc.
Funnily enough, Apple by having one small, one medium and one big phone, along with one with bezels offer more diversity than what you find on Android.

Because except for some examples (gaming phones or Sony), all smartphones are the same nowaday, and having 1 out of 1000 without X invasive feature isn't diversity at all.
No other market does that, most, if not all markets do cover everything from the most mainstream to the most obscure niche no one ever heard or read about.
And this is quite sad because smartphone are a highly personal item and on top of being costly, they serve multiple purposes and there is more justification than ever to want a phone with more emphasis on X or Y thing without necessarily having it super good at Z, yet we are forced into the same thing again and again.

A BIG part of that is directly because of this awful community, nowhere else you'll find people wishing other don't have the device/product they want like that.

I loved Meizu Pro 7's solution honestly. Just make it as interactive as the main one with "pushing" apps to the secondary and it's PERFECT. (with a NORMAL chipset.)

  • Anonymous

how about nubia z20?

GrahamD, 27 Dec 2021Rear display: nventing a solution to a problem that doesn&#... moreThat's how capitalism work sweetheart.
Ex : we dont need daily life updates of our friends, but IG provide it. That's not good for your mental health right.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-909757, 28 Dec 2021Some prefer fulldisplay with no bezels, that's how it ... moreI don't think they're ever going to bring back the bezels or the pop-up cameras because people seem to be asking for their removal all the time. About the pop-up idk, it's good to have a full screen but I think some amount of bezel are required for the cases to fit properly as they need some area to wrap around the phone. Without bezels it can be a problem

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021The selfie camera is always to stay on the front. Adding an... moreI never said to move the selfie camera away, I said that we DO need phones with NO selfie camera.
And actually, most would be fine with no selfie camera and no secondary display, but haters won't let such a phone get away easily and WILL complain about video calls and selfies even though such a phone would NOT be targeted to people doing such things.

There are also other advantages of having a second display on the back, from using it for notifications without having to use Always On Display, using the MUCH BETTER main camera for taking selfies (many do it with DSLR without the need for a second display, but again, haters will complain), having a backup display in case of issue, etc.
Removing the front camera is a blessing, and we definitely need several models of phones without a front facing camera, it is a quite popular request, and the selfie camera is much less important or necessary than many would like to believe, in fact it only causes issues, one of each is privacy, which is MUCH MORE important than ANY design concerns or selfies or video calls.

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Indeed the thick bezels are just fine on any phone, for exa... moreSome prefer fulldisplay with no bezels, that's how it is, and this is how phones are nowadays.
But we should ALSO have bezels AND phones with no front camera.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-909757, 28 Dec 2021And what about NOT having a selfie camera in the first place?The selfie camera is always to stay on the front. Adding another screen on the rear just for selfies from the rear camera would be an illogical decision

  • Anonymous

AnonD-909757, 28 Dec 2021The selfie camera is a problem. You either have to deal wi... moreIndeed the thick bezels are just fine on any phone, for example Sony Xperia. It makes phone look so much better and removes the hole from the screen. I don't understand all the fuss around those extremely skinny bezels that everyone seems to ask for. It's a pretty useless feature and does nothing

  • AnonD-909757

Dometalican, 28 Dec 2021I actually prefer the second one as that for video calls ma... moreImagine if the whole bottom half was the display, like somewhere between the Motorola Razr :
And the Vivo Nex Dual Screen :

And the camera setup would be like the Meizu 17 Pro :

It would be a gorgeous device with a second display more than large enough for video calls and selfies (a 1:1 ratio is more than enough, and it would already be as large as the main one), a beautiful camera setup, and more than enough space for NFC and wireless charging between the display and the camera.