Leaker corroborates Apple may switch iPhones to eSIM-only as soon as 2022

28 December 2021
Apple is believed to eliminate the SIM tray from iPhones but it’s yet to be confirmed when.

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Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Basically your phone remains in active communication no mat... moreMan sealed battery is not a problem for 99,99% of people sealed sim tray or sim card is.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Yikes! Like 90% of the carriers here does not even have support for E-SIM yet just the two biggest...

  • Trooper

Easiest way to stop all these unwanted changes, is to stop supporting the manufacturers by not buying their products that force these changes. But this needs to be done by enough people to make the manufacturers wake up and see that people will not put up with forced changes that they do not want and never asked for. But people will continue to moan, instead of actively doing something about it, en-mass...

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Only Sony doesn't follow those hypocritical trends, bu... morehave you tried a Sony Xperia? the only criticism tech reviewers give Xperia flagships now is "a bad naming scheme" and "computational photography is not elite" and you without even trying them are saying that they are bad πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021The headphone jack was removed so they can force people to ... moreThey removed the SD card so you would have to buy cloud service.

  • Anonymous

That is a welcome change. Though i feel like we are going to loose dual sim support on future iphones. Currently i am using iphone 13 pro max with dual sims without any issues with one physical sim and one esim

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2021Well you don't have to use wireless headphones. Get an... moreWe can do something, but it would require haters to shut up and people to actively defend those.
This is in the first place because of haters that we lost features and get forced into some.
This is what happen when you can't tell anymore when the community want because everything receive a huge number of negative comments, markets analyst can't do their jobs, and they just force the users into what is the easiest for them and convince casuals who get easily fooled by "Wide + Ultra-Wide + 2x2MP = 4 camera = better than 3 camera Wide + Ultra-Wide + Telephoto".

  • Anonymous

BADBOY, 28 Dec 2021A simple example Sony 1 and 5 II and III have a 3.5mm jack,... moreThe headphone jack was removed so they can force people to buy their wireless headphones and get more money and the SD card slot was removed for the same reason people are forced to buy more storage and the profit directly goes to Apple or Google who runs Android. Sony is still keeping them because they don't have enough fans to support them no matter what they do, if they remove the jack and SD, they'll lose the remaining few customers they have as of now.
So basically with a large fanbase, companies are free to do things that'll make them more money and rely on the fans to defend them

  • Kaki

The Flip, 28 Dec 2021Removal of headphone jack is still the worst thing Apple di... moreThey have also made the awful trend of flagships that mostly start from $1,000.


A simple example Sony 1 and 5 II and III have a 3.5mm jack, SIM / SD card slot and are waterproof - IP68.
What is Apple's purpose then? Paying a much more for the same memory size becoause we cant buy fast 256-512 GB SD card? With a 3.5mm jack we have a choice of cable or BT headphones, while buying a telephone without we have no choice.
And then even a stupid wire to iPhone its 3-4 times more expensive than the market price.

  • Anonymous

Next, removal of screen so Apple can sell you their bluetooth glasses that needs to be connected to your iPhone, which is going to be just a trackpad.

  • Anonymous

The Flip, 28 Dec 2021Removal of headphone jack is still the worst thing Apple di... moreWell you don't have to use wireless headphones. Get an adapter or lightning connect headphones if you don't like any extensions and problem solved
With that said, i'm not defending the removal of the headphone jack or anything, i hate this trend too and wish it would stop but we can't do anything about it unfortunately

jason, 28 Dec 2021all well and good but carriers are still so far behind the ... moreGoogle did it first in the first pixel 2016

And the worst, first Samsung and Chayomi are going to make fun, but then in a few months you will see how they end up copying Apple as it has happened hahahahaha and then those of more manufacturers .. What is going to happen in countries that there is no sim?

  • Anonymous

A good move. A fully portless iPhone will be an interesting thing to see.

Removal of headphone jack is still the worst thing Apple did in the last 5 years. My brother rocks only iPhone since 2007. He hates AirPods and still uses wired ones. I can't stand them either. Another thing to charge like smart watches and BT controllers. And it will sometimes disconnect for no reason. Kills battery faster too.

Apple wasn't the first to remove headphone jack but they made it an awful trend.

At this point Apple just needs to get cancelled. It's responsible for creating all of these stupid and not user friendly trends that every single Android brand decided to copy. Maybe without Apple, Samsung and every other brand can start thinking for themselves and not blindly follow and copy whatever Apple does

  • Anonymous

Next step.

Phone comes without OS. At the store they charge you $100 to install.

  • Anonymous

in my country, there are a lot iphone users, and there is no esim available here..even people here use more than one sim and you are planning to remove physical simπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Anonymous