Oppo Find X5 or Find X5 Pro gets pictured in renders based on schematics

28 December 2021
Oppo might in fact be launching three Find X5 devices soon.

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  • Anonymous

It is not chinese culture, it is oppo culture.
There are many chinese phones with 4.

But oppo/1+ skips number 4 always.

  • Anonymous

Ngl the Find X3 has better design

  • Anonymous

It is from Oppo and it will be overpriced.

  • WSN

Oppo have so many apps not support 120hz.....

  • Anonymous

I hope OPPO will return to the X2 design and leave this crappy "let's invent something unprecedented" - design.

Qwerty, 30 Dec 2021Have you had the Oppo X2 Pro or your just all talk?Have you used the find X2 pro or you just hate everything Chinese??

  • Kezkouz

I like the back! 💫

S20 Ultra takes the ugliest cake tho

  • Anonymous

Mangki, 30 Dec 2021Its a chinese thing. The number 4 is like a curse when tran... moreThen how about oppo reno 4?

I think the back camera island looks more original and it doesn't look ugly to me. Ugliest i have seen is the one on galaxy s21 ultra that said s22 ultra looks better

  • Mangki

Dufrayne, 30 Dec 2021So they jumping from the x3 to the x5?. Is that a mistake? ... moreIts a chinese thing. The number 4 is like a curse when translated to chinese

I call BS on this leak. I've seen another leak that shows no punchhole on the front, a camera bump similar to the X3 Pro and a smaller rear display to the right of the camera bump on the rear. I'd be very surprised if this leak was legit.

Am I really one of the only ones here who think this design isn't bad?

Like someone else said, a small bit of asymmetry can be good to create visual interest, but I also think it could be a design choice to make sure your fingers don't hit the camera bump as easily.

I've seen way worse phone designs than this anyway, render or not.

  • Anonymous

That "Oddo" brand printed on back cover, is already a deal breaker for me. Imagine bringing phone with some not so famous logo.

  • Anonymous


This time they distanced themselves from camera shape of iphone


i like what they do for OPPO FIND X3 series (camera shape)

The camera house is weird and ugly. And you know it.

  • Qwerty

ABF Media, 29 Dec 2021OPPO made a great phone with the find x2 pro. It was genu... moreHave you had the Oppo X2 Pro or your just all talk?

  • User1234

Dented in the box

  • Anonymous

ugly camera

  • Wann

It should get an award

That is most bad rear camera design award..