Original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip also joins the One UI 4 party

29 December 2021
Both the LTE and 5G variants of the foldable are getting the new interface.

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  • 30 Dec 2021

I Like this Phone but it too much

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    • 29 Dec 2021

    Z flop

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      • 29 Dec 2021

      Anyone else still pronouncing Z flip as "zeh flip" with thick german accent? No? Just me? okay

        I'm not updating because of this...


        Unless Samsung plans to make an official one to make the cover display way more functional. It may not happen until Flip 4 or 5 if they increase the size.

        I personally don't mind if Samsung shuts out Flip 3 users with a more useful cover display in future updates because my Razr 5G has the best cover display for a foldable clamshell but I really only use it for old sitcoms with the 4:3 aspect ratio, GMaps, and YouTube. The Razr's 2.7" outer is more squarish. The Flip 3's 1.9" outer is more widescreen but smaller.

        There is awkwardness with the cover displays no matter how big it is because most apps are built for portrait. Not landscape or as a rounded square. Neither cover displays on a clamshell will ever be useful like the one found on the Oppo Find N. Clamshells are my favorites but they seem the less practical of the two with more compromises like smaller battery and inferior cameras. They'll win in portability and price.