GSMArena's 2021 in numbers

31 December 2021
A look back at the outgoing year by the numbers.

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  • Anonymous

So excited 😊

AnonD-1030868, 31 Dec 2021377,364 Comments : 188,682 of them are : "no headphone... moreI can't disagree 😂😂

Those are some nice insights. Long live arena! 💞

Should've included the number of comments Sony articles got! 😂

  • punjab

no headphone jack, no sd card no buy

i hope this year see at least 365 reviews! so everyday a new review!

Bye 2021. Early happy new year to everyone
Good luck seeing yall in the next year (tehe)

Anonymous, 31 Dec 202125k comments deleted. My guess is that ABC News or iOS Neve... moreHonestly most of it is apple and Sony fanboy (aka keyboard warriors) and they just continously tr0ll. Btw useless fact I probally commented like 95% of my comments in 2021.

  • Nikojas

Thank you for all your work and being the best mobile phone site. I check in every day and enjoy your content. Excellent work!
My wish for 2022 is more positive comments in the comments section and not endless moaning!

ae86, 31 Dec 2021377k comments 290k is probably from Sony related article... moreMore like apple actually.

  • Dee

Since I'm difficult in choosing phone, your site is main advising body I consult with for a last almost dozen years. Enjoy your test texts and details that probably I wouldn't check.
Thank you.

  • AnonD-1030868

377,364 Comments : 188,682 of them are : "no headphone jack, no sd card no buy"
5,530 News : 5000 of them are about Chinese OEMs

I check the news section couple of time a day. One of my fav site. It's been part of my life for more than 10 years. Thank you GSMA.
Wish you all the best and a happy new year.

  • Tomar Baba

Oh I see

  • Anonymous

Numbers without comparison to previous years is useless

  • Jing omillo

First thank god to have a change to comment for this all of you is my inspiration I am from manila las pinas my full name is Bernardo Fidel omillo no job

  • Anonymous


Some Sony articles helped alot there :)

  • MightySkull

Love to all the folks at GSMArena for all the hardwork you do at publishing.
Happy 2022!

thanks gsmarena your website is the one of my most visited on my laptop if i open my browser. probably 4% of this numbers is me lol

  • Anonymous

25k comments deleted. My guess is that ABC News or iOS Never Again tr0ll guy contributed to 50% of it and just waste their time in GsmArena 😀