Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is finally here with SD888, Android 12

04 January 2022
The Galaxy S21 FE 5G comes in White, Graphite, Olive, and Lavender.

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A single storage option?? So hilarious

Jc.Coello, 04 Jan 2022And I definitely understand that... However, If you're... moreBecuase of the complete camera system (With 3x Telephoto and better selfie cam) 120hz rather than the 90hz from pixel 6 much better and slimmer design

So tell me Samsung, what side of this phone will make me buy this instead of the much cheaper and arguably better Mi 12?

  • Anonymous

It's using Exynos here in Indonesia 😭

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 04 Jan 2022$699? Well that's it, really. It's an instant DOA... moreWhat country are you came from ??

  • Chixby

So the cameras are exactly same as s20fe?

I saw a OnePlus 9R being sold for under $400, and for such price, it's a much better deal than this. The only thing that are seemingly better here are the cameras and SoC (if the thermal throttling is worth the extra performance over SD870 anyway).
But I guess the Samsung logo is really worth $300 more.

  • Hamburger

I see many complain about it being pricey. I agree, for 8/128GB and no expandable strage and no phone jack.

Hope to see better pricing for this FE phone.

This phone's single whole purpose is to satisfy the EU market. And by that, I mean those who didn't like the S21 Exynos will have a chance to buy the SD888 variant. It's literally the same S21 with a few downgraded things to match the price. But then again why would anyone buy this when S22 is around the corner (for almost the same price) with better cameras, body, and Exynos. Obviously, the new Exynos will be better than last year's 888. I find this strategy plain stupid tbh.

This will sell in huge numbers.

Much as expected, at least £100 / €150 overpriced.

Please, somebody confirm that the screen is flat. That is the real advantage of FE vs regular S.

  • Anonymous

chris1998, 04 Jan 2022Embarrassing price It's the a52s but with 2GB more ra... moreAnd a tele. And all around cameras.

Probably Samsung is doing like is done with a52 after poco f3 entered the market: heavy discount.

  • Sja

Inflation going strong with this one, but killing its demand
The Pixel 6 (and 6a) could be the surprise of 2022 in terms of sales (if Google provides sufficient supply and distribution)

  • rush never fake it

Not the overheating chipset with the more expensive than regular S21 pricetag...

That price tag is absurd. Even MKBHD mentioned it in his review. 450-500$ would be preferable for this specs.

Embarrassing price
It's the a52s but with 2GB more ram and a SD 888

Ceekoto, 04 Jan 2022No information on expandable storage? You can't expand the storage this time

  • Anonymous

Pumpino, 04 Jan 2022It's a lot of money. I just picked up a second-hand A5... moreYou can change the display settings to show duller colours.

  • Anonymous

Ceekoto, 04 Jan 2022No information on expandable storage? No expandable storage for the S21 FE, unfortunately